Montevideo to Colonia Del Sacramento, Saturday, 6 April 2013 to Sunday, 7 April 2013, Day 277 to Day 278

Today is my last reasonable long trip on Daisy on this side of the world. I am quite sad about this. A short run of 180km to Colonia Del Sacramento, unfortunately for the final run it is pretty dull. I was looking forward to Colonia as usual it is one of those places that had been hyped up in all the tourist blurb so lets just say it is nice enough place but nothing like its billing I should be used to that by now but it does irritate me a little bit. I found a new hostel that had parking and then I went for a wander on what seems to be the never-ending search of a cash point that gave out US dollars no joy so found a place with a reasonable rate to exchange my cumulated UYE to USD so I am slowly building up the cash I need in Buenos Aires for shipping Daisy.

I spent the rest of the day walking round the town which was pretty small but pretty enough, nice sunset and then headed for a shopping mall on the outskirts of town hoping they would have a food court for some cheap and nice food for my dinner but turned out to be tiny and just a supermarket so I brought a slice of meat pie and a bottle of pop so that is dinner sorted and back to the hostel

No breakfast at this hostel so I had a sleep in and out and about looking for somewhere nice to have breakfast and again I am looking for cashpoints that work and that dispense USD. I had a an omelette on a nice little terrace near the harbour and spent the rest of the day just wandering around town which has old classic cars just parked up on the street all over the place which I thought was a great idea as I do like me classic cars and there are certainly a lot floating around in Uruguay maybe these are folks actual cars!





For dinner I had Chivito AKA Chacarero or what I have been calling them in this blog a Lomito sandwich for dinner after watching another nice sunset and then back to the hostel to chill.



1 thought on “Montevideo to Colonia Del Sacramento, Saturday, 6 April 2013 to Sunday, 7 April 2013, Day 277 to Day 278

  1. Jacques

    Hi Phil.Just wanted to check that you are all right.I have not read the end of your trip and was sort of worrying/wondering if everything is okay and if you have reached your final destination.Take care and all the best.Jacques.


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