Punta del Este to Montevideo, Wednesday, 3 April 2013 to Friday, 5 April 2013, Day 274 to Day 276


A short run to Montevideo the storm had past but still it is dull and overcast not the most exciting of runs but I did stop of at a wavy bridge that I wanted to see and hit Montevideo at about 1pm the first hostel no parking on site for Daisy only a public car park so I headed to another one I had the address for and a recommendation from a Swedish chap this morning and they had a garage and a it was a really nice looking place so I checked in for 3 nights.

Puente leonal Viera or AKA Wavy Bridge


Route 66 Flashbacks!

As I was unpacking my things there was a huge leak as a pipe had burst upstairs but that was soon rectified.

I went for a walk round the old city which was nice and as usual trying to get USD out of the cash machines but I was failing miserably I tried loads so no luck so at the end of the day I end up pulling UYE which I will try to change to USD at a reasonable rate.


Western Union was another plan for getting funds in cash across to pay for Daisy trip home but what a piece crap organisation they are. Firstly I could only transfer a max of 500EUR to Argentina and when I tried to do this computer said no but I did manage to send 500 EUR to Uruguay. In theory you are allowed to do two transfers before you are then obliged to do a mandatory identification check just in case you may be involved in a money laundering scheme but for some reason Western Union declined my second attempt to transfer funds from myself to me and the computer told me I needed to call them to validate the transfer which I managed to do using Skype as I do not have a functioning phone with me. So when they finally did answer the phone they refused to carry out the transfer and they could give me no real valid reason why so in short Western Union sucks big time so needed a plan B which means I will be hitting the cash point every day for the next week or so trying if I can to get USD out them  if not UYE and looking for the exchange places with the best selling rate to USD. I need cash dollars so that I can change these in Argentina on the Blue/Black  Market at a favourable rate.

Also this means carrying large wads of cash around which does not make me feel that comfortable oh well.

First day in Montevideo a leisurely breakfast fI ind a Western Union office to get the one successful transfer cashed that I was allowed to make and then a long walk along the coast. On my way I hear music being played in the distance so I make my way towards that and I stumble across a live dress rehearsal of the band Franz Ferdinand who where doing a live concert in an outdoor stadium that evening and I got to see the rehearsal which was interesting and a nice way to spend the afternoon.


I walked for miles as well and I got back to the hostel a tired little bear and spent the evening working on this and working out my cash position and doing some finances.

For Liesbeth whilst I wandering around town I came across a silent demonstration and when I inquired what it was for it was about domestic violence and violence against women so once a month they come and demonstrate silently with the placards to try and get message across to the folks and the government that violence against women is unacceptable (against everyone in fact) and something needs to be done about this to ensure it does not happen or it is at least reduced. So Liesbeth I was wondering if you are in contact with this group with the work you are doing on this in the NL?

Second day again a leisurely breakfast and I hit the town again heading for the parts I had not already covered I walked for miles again hit millions of cashpoints looking for USD and not being successful.I found a great high building with a viewing tower with some great views and afterwards walked more all over the city.

Montevideo is a nice city for just for wandering around I would not say it was fabulous place and a must see place but I had a pleasant couple of days here. Dizziness and Nausea are still there but not as bad and if I am totally busy I do not notice it as much so I guess I am not sick and it just a bad case of eeek what the fuck to do with the rest of my life so the only cure for that is well I will let you know when I have figured that one out I will just try and keep busy in the meantime.








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