Punta del Diablo to Punta del Este, Tuesday, 2 April 2013, Day 273

Why is it you can never get your camera out and up and running quickly enough when you spot stuff like this!

Plan today was to hit the road and head to a national park along the coast. Weather still dull and overcast and its trying to rain and when I got to the national park I was expecting to spend a couple of hours doing a lorry tour around the cape but unfortunately it is the end of the season which was on the 1st of April so no tours just a bus/truck to the village every hour or so. You are not allowed to enter in with your own vehicle.

So plan B heading for Punta Del Este as there are a few hostels there the problem is they are also all shutting for the end of the season but after trying a couple I find one that is still open and I go for a walk. I need to start collecting enough cash to pay for getting Daisy home and I am trying to get USD out of the machines here so that I can play the Blue Market in Argentina where if you are lucky you can get 8 ARS instead of the official 5 ARS to the dollar which will cut the coast of shipping but after visiting every machine in town no joy on getting any USD and I am even struggling to get UYE Ho hum.

I walked around town and it was very cold and overcast but a pleasant enough walk and I spot a cinema that is showing the film Les Miserables which is one of my favourite musicals at the theatre and I was curious on how they had adapted this for film. So I spent a very pleasant evening lost in a French revolution for a couple of hours and I must say I enjoyed the adaption a lot and as I was expecting it to be complete pants but the big name stars could even sing a bit and it was all very well done. Yes Phillys is a huge musical fan and theatre buff when he not riding his motorcycle round the Americas and has missed his daily dose of culture so tonight was a pleasant escape in to another world where everything is in song 🙂

Punta del Este

When I got out there was a huge storm so I made my way back to the hostel trying not to get wet and I spent the rest of the evening chatting to the folk there and of course working on this.

Added Note. This morning when I woke up I was suffering from a spell of dizziness and a sick feeling in my stomach so am I coming down with something or is it is something else. The dizziness is not ideal combined with motorcycling and the nausea is never pleasant. Not sure if I am ill but perhaps it is all of a sudden I have a case of fear, fear of what I do not know but as I am getting closer to the end of my trip it maybe it is a fear of not knowing what to do once this trip is completed and the unknown or maybe I am just ill?


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