Porto Alegre, Friday, 29 March 2013, Day 269

Some more industrial landscapes for a change!

I am spending another day in Porto Alegre so I got up just in time for breakfast as it was nice in my huge room which I thought I had all to myself but someone else had arrived during the night. Relaxing morning Internet still up the spout but I spend the morning in the garden with my Kindle finishing my book and then of for another marathon hike around Porto Alegre. As I mentioned yesterday Porto Alegre is not really that much of a tourist destination and a bit run down in places but a I had a great day just walking around taking in the sites and taking loads of crap photos in the hope there may be that wonder shot in there somewhere 🙂



So this were St Nick goes forces Holidays!

I had left the hostel at about 12am and got back at about 7pm so that is 7 hours just wandering around all over the place I covered a lot of distance today I think.

The man for the Internet has not turned up either so it is worse tonight so the blog will have to wait I did manage to sort some of the other stuff that needed doing in the moments that it was cooperating but it is to frustrating to work with a dodgy connection so I am going to start yet another book to catch up with all that reading I promised myself I would do on this trip which as usual I have left to the last minute 🙂




I have no idea where I am going tomorrow as it would be nice to have a look on the Internet but let it be a surprise its either Rio Grande or a place called Pelotas which I have heard has a yearly candy festival I wonder if its this weekend?


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