Urubici to Torres, Wednesday, 27 March 2013, Day 267

Drop dead gorgeous the scenery not the fella blocking the view in this piccie.

What a glorious day I was driving along and I found myself shouting and screaming at the top of my voice was he angry and pissed off with some local driver again nope it was just pure happiness I was also giggling like a school girl as I was riding along. Why this sudden show of emotion well its the scenery I was riding through which was drop dead gorgeous and stunning and simply breath taking and the sun was shining not to hot and I was whizzing along a road that I knew was a dead end but hey what a dead end 🙂

Morro Da Igreja Pedra Furada

So I had yet another leisurely breakfast I seem to be doing this a lot lately in my real life I never really bothered with breakfast just a coffee and a current bun on the run well me thinks I going to start implementing leisurely breakfast on a daily basis as I am enjoying them. Mandatory photo shoot, as lady at the pousada wants a picture of Daisy and me (Life of a minor celebrity is a tough one I can tell you :-))

Mandatory photo shot for the owners of Pousada Prof Verde

I hit the road and as I already mentioned the sun was shining but it was only 19 degrees C, which is a nice temperature, I filled up Daisy as I was heading into uncharted territory with few fuel stations and first port of call was to a nice little waterfall and shrine called Gruta N.S De Lourdes which was pleasant then onto the dead end road to Morro Da Igreja Pedra Furada which as I mentioned earlier was pretty special. I spent some time here just soaking up the wonderful scenery and wow was it spectacular.


I hit the road again heading to Serra Do Corvo Branco which was a canyon that cut through the rock and a sharp descent on a dirt road down the through the escarpment I have mentioned before. Yes yet another Dirt road but this time I knew it was coming and it was planned for not a surprise like previous days.


Another splendid run and wonderful scenery the only blot on the landscape was as I was riding along I felt something hit me in the face just below my eye because as usual I was riding with my helmet open enjoying the wind in me face. So this is an usual occurrence being hit in the face by flies but this was different it was bigger and hurt like hell and just to rub salt in the wound it stung me I guess it was a bee that I had just head butted and in retaliation it had stung me. Ouch that hurts I have been stung about 4 or 5 times by bees on this trip usually on my arms as they fly up my sleeves and cannot get them out so they end up stinging me on the arms this time on the cheek bone and boy did it hurt it felt like someone had just punched me in the face.

So the lesson here is to ride with helmet closed and the visor down. Bollocks to that I love riding with my mush in the open so I am going to continue doing this and suffer the consequences, 20 minutes later get hit right in the eye by a fly 🙂

So lots of dirt roads today so I am not making much progress but who cares when the scenery is like this heading back to the coast to a place called Torres again as is much of the planning at the moment based on no real knowledge of the places I am going only that I like the name and the sound of the place.

After another tougher unplanned off road stint I rolled into town and straight to the tourist info place to find a cheap place for the night and I was directed to a nice Pousada round the corner run by a nice elderly couple I have a laugh with them whilst checking in and then for my mandatory wander around the town looking for something for my dinner and again the scarcity of viable options and I end up with a chicken crepe on a stick!

Back to the Pousada working on the thankless task that is phillysbigtrip.wordpress.com I will be happy when I no longer am obliged to do this, as it is becoming quite a chore. So some last minute feedback and appreciation of my efforts here would be nice even if it is just a smiley face and or thumbs up. Daisy needs some love 🙂

2 thoughts on “Urubici to Torres, Wednesday, 27 March 2013, Day 267

  1. mark kemp


    keep up the blog .. its a little bit of sunshine amongst our Easter snow (you have done well to be out of the winter in NL this year).

    see you when you get back


  2. Liesbeth

    Ik heb het weer met veel plezier gelezen en genoten van de mooie foto’s. Ik wil een etentje plannen met Marjon en Diana als je weer in NL bent. Maar stuur ik je nog wel een berichtje over.


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