Barra da Lagoa to Laguna, Monday, 25 March 2013, Day 265

So any of you know how to drive this thing?

So I am back on the road again first thing I wanted to do was a quick whizz around the island of Santa Catarina I went north first which was pretty uninteresting so I was not going to bother with the South part but I found myself in the wrong lane in Florianopolis so I decided what the hell and I took a look at the south of the island as well which was nicer and less built up so I was glad I did this. Back on the main land destination a place called Imbituba no idea why other than it’s the right distance away for an easy days ride. I had spent quite a while tootling around the island so was about 4pm ish when I rolled into Imbituba. I spent a while looking for somewhere to stay but everything is quite expensive I look both up the coast and down the coast and I ask at lot of places but all to much for Phillys budget. I found the perfect place a Hostel and camping site on the beach but it looked like it had shut down for the winter or the end of the season I thought about camping here anyhow but that thought did not last very long why ? why  because its camping  🙂

So plan B its 40km to Laguna the next town along the coast South so lets give that a try.


There was a tourist office just outside town and they give me an address of a place near the beach and just as its getting dark Philly and Daisy find there new home for the night a very well worn out run down Hotel. Cheap and cheerful and pleasant enough so this will do and a room to myself. Next stop food which is proving difficult as there are a lot of bakeries and place’s selling pasty, sandwiches and hamburgers but I am getting tired of this all the time and just want some simple plain cooking but tonight the best I could do was a chicken burger sandwich after walking around for a while back to me room and tonight’s entertainment a film which was Django Unchained Tarantino latest offering. Nothing special and a very weak plot and his cameo roll with the 2 Aussies what’s that all about. It looks like he is just regurgitating his old films using the same cast from those as well as the sound tracks shuffling it all up and hey presto a newish film. You have to do better than that.

This film critic needs to hit the sack good night.


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