Curitiba, Tuesday, 19 March 2013,Day 259

Curitiba great Murals and artwork!

After my little bit of wallowing and self pity yesterday I have decided to stick with the original plan and just keep on rolling even though the weather and my mood is telling me to pull the plug earlier but after reviewing the situation I am going to try and relax and slow the pace right down and try to enjoy what is left of my trip so with that in mind I booked another night in Curitiba and after a long leisurely breakfast and instead of chilling and relaxing what does Philly do he goes straight out into town heading for a laundry round the corner and then spends the next 5 hours just walking around it as if he has no idea on how to take it easy. It was not raining and only drizzled every now and again so a lot cooler ideal condition for just wandering. A nice town with some interesting sculptures and murals doted all over the place and an interesting modern art building which looked fantastic.

Modern Art Museum Curitiba

I got back to the laundry place at 3pm and my laundry was supposed to be ready at 2pm but it still was not finished it had just come out of the drier so I am glad I did not turn when I was supposed to be ready. I went back to the hostel to have a bit of a rest and to try and get this bleeding thing up to date so I spent a couple of hours working on this and then of for another wander round town to find some dinner.




Back to the Hostel again working on this and doing some planning for the coming days and then beddy byes so that was a Philly rest and relax day I am going to have to work on my slowing it down skills as this is certainly not taking it easy but very enjoyable day none the less 🙂


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