Trindade and Paraty, Saturday, 16 March 2013, Day 256

Paraty Brazil Pretty!

Excellent breakfast and at a civilised time from 9am to 11am so I had a sleep in as well. Plan today was to catch a bus to Paraty check that out and then back to Trindade to see the other beaches and have a swim in the natural salt water pools. So another busy day planned so much for slowing down and taking it easy guess I do not do or cannot do taking it easy as I always seem to be busy doing something I very rarely stop for a breather as I get restless very quickly so I am always on the move so I guess that’s why I am always totally exhausted but in a nice way 🙂



As usually Phillys is out in the Midday sun again but it is a nice bus ride to Paraty only about 40 minutes and I spend a couple of hours just wandering around this picturesque and interesting place and then back to Trindade where Toms joins me for the trek to the natural pools which is about 2km walk along the beach and up and down a couple of mountain paths but well worth the walk we spend a while swimming there and then its back to the Hostel.

One for the ladies 🙂

The Hostel is a lot busier than the previous night so no collective cooking tonight so I head out for a pizza and then back on the veranda just chatting to the folks there. At 12pm we head down to one of the beach bars and I was nearly tempted into having a drink but I have decided to stay dry until I get home so that’s 146 days without a drink and it will be 175 days in total so that is nearly 6 months dry it makes you want a drink! It is getting harder to abstain especially after a hot hard day in the saddle but I can go back to being a pisshead when I get home 🙂

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