Puerto Iguazu, Wednesday, 6 March 2013 to Thursday, 7 March 2013, Day 246 to Day 247

Iguazu Falls Wonderful!

So I had agreed to stay here 3 nights so that is 2 days so day one was a no brainer of to the falls but first breakfast and byes byes to Alex and Andrea who where heading to the beach then back to Buenos Aires to ship there bike back home there trip complete. Adios amigos.

First thing I did was hit the cashpoint so that I had some money then a bus to the falls.


I spent all day wondering around seeing the falls from every conceivable angle from the Argentinean side I walked for miles got soaked in many places which was fun as it was extremely hot and sunny so it was nice to have the cool spray from the falls which would soak you to the skin in seconds in some of the viewing places. I walked for miles and I think I covered the majority of what there was to see it is amazing how a bit of water flowing of a cliff could be so fascinating but when you scale this up to millions of gallon and a extremely pretty cliff then you have the Iguazu falls another one of natures great treats. I had a really great day here.

At about 4pm I had seen enough and was starting to tire so I headed back to the Hosteria only to find that the creepy guy had moved all my stuff to another room and was trying to convince me it was better!

  1. One I do not like strangers touching my stuff as I have a system and I normally know where everything is.
  2. Two we had a deal on the other room not this new one
  3. Three no its not the same it half the size has one bed not four
  4. Four the Internet does not work in this one
  5. Five you horrible slimy man a deal is a deal and if you wanted me to move me no problem you could have told me this morning and I would have been compliant as it’s a no brainer that you want to rent the bigger room out to more people but to do this whilst I was out really pissed me off and then telling me I have a better room as well what kind of moron do you take me for.



So I have a new room so I head into town looking for some food and wander around for a while and at one end of town there is market selling olives and salami and stuff like that and you can sit outside the stalls and eat there with a drink, unfortunately this not that substantial enough for a meal and I found a little kiosk that did Lomito sandwich and I had one of those instead and back to my smaller room to watch Dredd another one of the films I had got from Alex  abrain-dead action movie not more I can say about it,

I got up the next day for breakfast and it was pissing down outside and I mean chucking it down and it did not stop raining until about 5pm so I spent all day working on the computer getting my http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=837163 up to date and various other computer related chores.

At 5pm I manage to venture out and walked to Tres Fronteras this time on the Argentinean side as if you recall I was trying to get the ferry across from the Paraguayan side a couple of days ago. I walked back into town and found a great little fresh pasta place for my dinner followed by an ice cream so a very slow but a productive day

The ferry I missed a couple of days ago at Tres Fronteras I was so close 🙂



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