Resistencia to Asuncion, Monday, 4 March 2013, Day 244

Asuncion Paraguay

Maybe a new country will lift my spirits as the last couple of days riding has certainly not helped but I already knew that this was going to be a dull couple of days up front so its exactly as I expected with some damp weather thrown in to add to the dullness. Today did not start at all well as in my expensive room (by my current standards) no bleeding hot water the hot water tap in the shower did not work so I had a cold one. I complained to the guy in reception about this and he says I can have a different room tonight. I am leaving you arse but he could not give a fig and they probably knew full well about the broken tap as its not something that goes of just like that assholes. Rant over I really am not a happy bunny at the moment I must try and rectify this somehow.

I adjusted my chain again as it was sloppy and I am guessing this chain is about shot to as after a days ride it needs adjusting and there not much adjustment left. It has done 5,000km and it is not an O-ring type so I am not surprised at the rapid chain wear, as it not designed for the job being asked of it. So I stop at a Yamaha dealer and yes they have an O ring chain that will be 1,200 ARS or if I pay in USD $160 or that should be $240 using the official rate not black market rate. I ask to see the chain and he shows me an EK 530 I say no I am looking for a 525 he pulls out a Yamaha own brand chain and I ask him how much for this he says same price. This is to expensive just for a chain and the fact that I did not really like the chap I said thanks but no thanks I will try and get one in Paraguay. I may regret this decision but I think if needed I can squeeze some more miles out of the old one but it’s a risky call.

Road to the border not much different from the last couple of days so that means another dull day.

Border crossing into Paraguay quite quick had a laugh with the Aduana on Paraguay side the guy filled in the forms very slowly by hand he had beautiful copper plate handwriting  and it was a joy to see. Chatting whilst this going on and then they start talking about money and suddenly Philly does not speak Spanish anymore and the guys think this hilarious and ask for 100 USD and I reply in Spanish Lunes este todas libre (Monday everything is free) and this amuses them and handshakes all round and another bribe avoided with humour.

Asuncion is only 30km from the border and I get there at about 6pm. Place seems awfully quite and it turns out today it is a public holiday. I find a place to stay they have no parking for Daisy but I can park her on the pavement in front of the hostel as there is a night watch man on all night and a police station just around the corner so she would be fine. So I checked in and then first thing I needed is some local currency so off to the Cashpoint I tried the first one and it says I have no founds I think it means no funds amusing how a corporation like a bank can have such bad English on something like a cash machine it does not look very professional. So the question who has no founds (funds) me or the bank as it a bank holiday weekend so it may be out of cash so I try another bank and I try a couple of times to get cash out then it dawns on me there maybe a possibility that I may not have any money in my current account as its been a while since I transferred some monies across and I have been spending quite liberally. Back to the hostel on the Internet to check my bank balance yep it is me current account totally empty oops. Transfer some money and then go for a walk around Asuncion for about an hour before trying yet another bank and hey presto funds have been found or is it founds have been fund according to the programmer of the Paraguayan cash machines 🙂

Got to love a capitol city that has pigs wandering round the national monuments 🙂

Downtown Ascunsion!

I have cash so I can have some dinner and on the way back to the hostel I find an ice cream shop and it is a help your self ice cream shop. So you get a plastic glove and you help yourself to all the ice cream that you want and it is charged by weight. Brilliant I was like a kid let loose in a sweet shop I was asking the ladies what everything was and for most of the responses I had not a clue what they where telling me but I did not care as I was having a great time. I was quite constrained and the total price was quite exceptable and I did not require more founds from the cash machine.

Back to the hostel I could pay my bill now and then back to working on this. I would like to maybe stayed another day here but I am not sure if there was that much more to see than what I had already done and I was meeting up with Alex and Andrea in Iguazu my last chance to catch up with these guys before they head back home to Romania as there trip is nearly over.

Sleeping in a 20 person dorm which sounds horrendous but there only 4 of us in there so loads of space and very little disturbance so a good night kip was had.

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