Los Pirpintos to Resistencia, Sunday, 3 March 2013, Day 243

Dull straight roads can you spot the difference yes only the amount of mud dragged on from adjoining roads making each one a different colour that is how exciting my riding was today

Odd bit of wildlife occasionally to spice things up!

It was still wet when I got up and was I glad to get out of that hole after a cold shower in a filthy bathroom I packed up and hit the road. Dullsville again heading for a place called Resistencia as I had read that there are thousands of art sculptures dotted all over the city and we all know Phillys likes his sculptures.

I rolled into town at about 3pm it had been trying to rain all day but not enough to need waterproofs on but just as I reached the hotel I had the address of it started pissing down. Hotel not cheap but it was wet and I was bored so decided to take the room anyhow and it had safe parking and was quite central and remember I am no longer a traveller but I am now on me holidays!

It rained for the rest of the day but I did venture out trying to dodge the rain. Looking for an Internet Café as the Hotel did not have Wi-Fi it was a Sunday and wet one at that so very little open or very few folks around and I could not find anything open that had Wi-Fi so ended up in a café at a Shell petrol station and I am still there figuring out how to get home!

Resistencia Art Sculptures in the rain and rubbish different!

I did not fancy eating out so I went to the supermarket looking for empanadas I came out with a packet of crisps, some Oreo’s, a Swiss roll (well I thought it was it turned to be just the dough!) and some energy bars and I returned to the hotel room with my feast and watched Avatar the film which I had got from Alex months ago but I never had time to watch. Pretty crap movie plot wise but the effects and scenery nice much better than what I have been seeing the last couple of days.

I think I need to go home and soon but how and when?


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