Purmamarca to Los Pirpintos, Saturday, 2 March 2013, Day 242

Seriously dull roads today just as expected unfortunately!

I left the hostel at about 9am still no one around so I had no idea what to do with the key so I just locked the door and left the key between the screen door and the door in the hope that this was the right thing to do.

Nice run again into Jujuy then it got seriously boring. I had plugged in Asuncion into my GPS and after filling up about 60km out of Jujuy I had a closer look at the route the GPS was taking me. It was routing me North via route 81 and I remember seeing this route on another map and that route 81 was ripio (dirt) but it’s a main route so I guess Mr Garmin think this is not a dirt road as I had specifically turned the dirt roads option of on my machine. So I kept following the Garmin route whilst I made a decision on the next route do I trust my GPS or do I trust Philly. So I did another 20km before I pulled the plug and did a U turn back to Route 16 trust my Garmin you have got to be kidding me 🙂

So a 120km detour on an extremely boring stretch of road and the rest of the day not much better dull dull duller. I reached the Route 16 which is a straight road that goes on for ever so for the for first time this trip I pulled out my IPod to see if some music would help with the boredom stakes. First time I have used an IPod on the bike and it was not a success. I had to have it on at full volume and I still could not really hear it due to the wind and helmet noise and what you could hear where only parts of the music so half the time I did not know what I was listening to. My friend the wind was also back pushing my helmet from the right making the right side headphone uncomfortable. So after 2 hours I gave up on the IPod and went back to being bored.

It was getting late and I had seen very little in the way of accommodation and I was in the middle of no where and the towns or lets call them villages kept getting further and further apart that at one stage I was even considering just setting up camp on the side of the road.

At one village I stopped and asked about accommodation and I was directed to a place at the far side of the village that had rooms you would not have known looking at the place from the road so fortunately for me I had stopped to ask.

They had rooms but what a shithole but not to expensive after a bit of haggling no water in the cistern just a bucket and the previous tenants had use the cistern as a rubbish bin! Graffiti on the wall decrepit old air conditioner and the lock on the door did not work so in short a hole.

My hole for the evening! looked even worse on the inside!

But beggars cannot be choosers and was just glad to have a roof over my head. I went for some dinner and before I even asked a Milanese sandwich was plonked in front of me which was fine as that all I really wanted anyhow. I sat outside watching village life, which was non-existant till the sun, went down (I really did not fancy going back to my room!). Entertainment was a couple of dogs chasing a small pig around and around the yard until a bigger sow came over and chased them of typical bullies picking on the smaller ones and then running away when something there own size or bigger comes along. I was routing for the pigs.

I finished my book Sea biscuit which was good and would recommend it and I finally ventured back to my room and to my asthmatic air conditioner and I pushed all my luggage against the door to keep out anything that goes bump in the night remember no lock.

It absolutely pissed down that night so I am glad I was in my little shithole rather than in a tent at the side of the road. It had a tin roof so the noise was horrendous!


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