Tafi Del Valle, Tuesday, 26 February 2013, Day 238

Great view shame about the clouds!

Great night sleep which is not surprising after the tough day I had yesterday, as we are at 2000 meters it’s a lot cooler which makes me sleep a lot better. So I have decided to spend another day here just relaxing so first a leisurely breakfast home made bread so very nice coffee in a teabag format which was a first for me but why not seems to work and then a bit of a fettle with my panniers as they got a bit bent out of shape yesterday when I dropped Daisy so the locks needed adjusted. I am also a bit concerned with the chain as its stretching very fast but I guess that because its not an O ring type so I am going to have to keep an eye on this and may need another one soon bugger!

It’s a bit dull and overcast so I go for a walk through the village which is nice and then go to the tourist office and ask about the road to Cafayate then through to Salta as I have had heard that it is all ripio (dirt) but according to the chap there he tells me it is tarmac all the way so that is the next couple of days routes sorted. Talking of routes Philly has screwed up again with his lack of research and not looking at maps closely I was going to go to Bolivia to see the salt flats but I have decided against this as I do not fancy the hassle of Bolivia difficult to get petrol and roads not to good so I am heading for some Salt Flats in Northern Argentina called Salinas Grandes as a substitute. Then I was going to head into the top left hand side Argentina and cross the border into Paraguay and do a nice run through the middle of Paraguay to Asuncion. Well after looking into the details I find there are a no border crossing up there. Well there are but they are unlikely to have Aduana for my bike and unlikely to have facilities or immigration for Foreigners like me as it’s for local Argentinean and Paraguayan folks only and I have heard it’s a notorious drug running route and the roads are all dirt tracks so the first large commercial crossing is way down South near Asuncion so it looks like I have a long straight ride ahead of me of about 800km due to this miscalculation I do hope what I am seeing during the next couple of days makes up for this and the trip up here is worthwhile 🙂

I digress back to Tafi del Valle I ask the chap about short walks in the area and he pointed me to a 40 minute walk up a hill to a cross that had some nice views so that is the plan for today I went to a local market stall and brought some fresh out of the oven empanadas and something to drink and I headed up the hill.

Cross on top of hill todays plan.


Its quite cool as there are a lot of clouds but it is a pleasant enough walk and yes the views where very nice so I sat on top of the hill with my Kindle and my picnic very relaxing I was joined by 3 beautiful condors flying around above me where they after my chocolate biscuits?

No you cannot have one of my chocolate biscuits!

Eventually I headed back to the village to the local petrol station café that had Wi-Fi and I spent some time there doing the usual uploading and updating of things phillysbigtrip related and I am still trying to figure out when and how to get home.

Back to the hostel I sat outside reading for a while then dinner, which this time was a lentil stew, which was gorgeous, I may just stay another night just for the food. Another pleasant evening chatting and relaxing and this is probably one of the most relaxing rest days I have has as I have a habit of doing absolutely loads on my rest days well not today this is just what the doctor ordered.

Daisy’s well guarded tonight


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