Cordoba, Sunday, 24 February 2013, Day 236

Cordoba Cathedral nice

It’s Sunday so I have a bit of a lie in free breakfast till 10am so I get up just in time for this and have a leisurely breakfast and work on my Computer.

I am busy at the moment in updating the first part of my trip of the US and Canada as this was all done on I Web application and then  I only had one photo per entry and the pick of the crop of my photos where on a separate page so I am busy updating the first 100 days with additional photos in This is for two reasons one is that I want the Blog to be consistent and as interesting as possible and as the narrative sometimes sucks so I am adding piccies to cover this shortcoming. The other reason is that I am an attention grabbing slut and I am not getting enough feedback and or response to the blog that I would like so have decided that I am putting a version of this on Adventure Rider Ride the World site or on ride reports so extra pictures are needed as all folks do there is look at the pictures first and narrative second and I can increase my audience base and finally get the praise and kudos and be told that I am awesome that my trip is the coolest and that is what this attention grabbing slut craves  🙂

Been meaning to this forever but never had the time but now on my more relaxed pace I have the time to do this.

I finally went for a walk around town its Sunday so very quite but I prefer it this way so a pleasant long walk taking in the sights trying to keep out of the sun as it was another scorcher.


Been holding this bloody thing up forever when is someone going to fix it !



Back to the computer working on the project above it is a brain dead activity but I am enjoying myself and then later out again to a food court I had found that was open on my earlier trip out for a huge Lomito sandwich. More walking around it was livelier than earlier as more folks on the streets I walked for quite a while just soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying Cordoba.

Its a Puma Built in Cordoba and I like it would look great in my living room!

Finally back to the Hostel again working on the same project till there was a power cut in town and it was late so time for bed. The good thing about the power cut was that it shut the loud music off so no problem getting to sleep tonight either as room was right next to patio where the music was being played.

Not quite the Bellagio Las Vegas but we liked it 🙂

And for those of you interested here is the link to the Advrider site where I have been busy updating so a nice trip back to the beginning of my trip which seems like a lifetime ago.

2 thoughts on “Cordoba, Sunday, 24 February 2013, Day 236

  1. vlietpark37

    Mooie site, je nieuwe blog. Veel werk maar ook leuk om te doen, lijkt me. Mooi aandenken voor je zelf ook.


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