Azul to Buenos Aires, Saturday, 16 February 2013,Day 228

Clean me, Get me some new tyres, and some new oil and tell that funny looking bird to stop staring at me!

I crawled out of my tent and I started pulling my stuff together as it starts to spread out when I stay more than one night in one place. It is already quite hot so a slow process but I was not in a hurry as I was only doing a short run of about 300km to Buenos Aires. Jorge had popped out so I was ready to leave and unsure when he was coming back so left without saying goodbye and saying thank you so I will do it here. Jorge great place you run had a very relaxing time I had so I am a bit more refreshed than when I arrived so thanks.

I hit the road and it was hot and again the scenery was not at all very interesting so I put my head down and headed for the capital. Today’s problem was not the wind even though it was still a bit blowy but the roads. This was not only today but the last couple of days the roads here are so worn out that in places the tarmac has two tracks which are very deep where the trucks combined with the heat have melted two deep ruts into the tarmac , so it is a bit like being on a dirt road however the problem is that on dirt road the sides of the ruts are usually quite soft with this its tarmac so it is solid so the first time I hit this I was following a truck and then the bike started moving all over the road as it hit these tarmac berms which I had not noticed as I was behind a truck it took me while to figure out what was wrong and what was forcing the bike to make it handle that way so if I was not careful or if I hit these berms at the wrong angle or place I would be off. So yet another sobering obstacle to impede progress I will have to keep an eye out for these ripples (deep) and once in one be careful on getting Daisy out.

So another dull hot day and I  pulled up at Dakarmotos at around 5pm not realising that there would not be anyone there as they are only open during business hours and closed at the weekends bugger. The nice bloke next door let me use his phone to call Sandra who politely told me to come back on Monday. Bugger I am hot sweaty and tired and I did not fancy going into Buenos Aires to find alternate accommodation so I did some pleading and whining on the phone but this did not work. Bugger so whilst I was cursing and trying to figure out what to do next a Swiss chap called Markus came out of the closed Dakarmotos so I thought I would ask him to call Sandra and as he was there then he could let me in. So he does this and eventually Javier turns up and I am in at Dakarmotos which is a relieve as I said I had no energy for finding another hostel in a new city especially one the size of Buenos Aires. Javier is not to happy as he had received the call from Sandra who had received the call from Markus and he had to shorten his motorcycle ride he was on to let in a hot sweaty biker from Holland who had turned up out of hours on there weekend so my apologies for this and thanks for making this work as Dakarmotos is not a commercial hostel but a workshop that just happens to have a couple of bunk beds for travelling bikers that are passing through Buenos Aires so I appreciate them taking the time to accommodate me and I hopefully I may be putting some business there way.

So I settled in and I  went for a walk looking for some diner I found another fresh pasta place so ravioli for dinner again I do wish I had better culinary skills but fresh pasta is not bad. Back to the workshop via a trip to the supermarket where I think I may have been a partner in crime in a shoplifting crime. I walked in and there was a young teenager who I held the door open for and I followed him in. The first aisle was the booze aisle and he was acting a bit suspiciously and he then grabbed a bottle of booze from the shelf and stuffed it up his shirt and then he ran out of the door. I was a bit shocked but no one else seemed to have noticed or if they had they ignored it. So welcome to the Big City I have been in the outback to long I will have to have my wits about me as Buenos Aires is a tough old city so I can not be to casual with my belongings here.

It is a nice evening back at the workshop chatting to Markus from Switzerland and then beddy byes its still very hot so will have to start getting  used to the heat again.

60,000km 36 degrees hot and only two photos taken todays tells you a bit about my day!

Daisy hit 60,00km today so another happy km day for her I think she deserves some new bits and pieces let’s hope we can get them in Buenos Aires.

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