Trelew to Balneario El Condor, Tuesday, 12 February 2013, Day 224

Nothing for miles behind and guess what up ahead not that much more interesting 🙂

I have decided to get all Daisy’s consumables fixed in Buenos Aires so I fettled with the chain to minimise the crunching noises but I am not sure how successful I was in this. The wind is already blowing strongly it is going to be another long hard day in the saddle. I have no idea where I am going other than Buenos Aires, which is a long way of, and I am sure that there is not much of interest in between. I had missed a penguin colony yesterday as I did not fancy a 70km detour there and back with this wind and featureless landscape and today was similar I was going to pop in to Puerto Madryn but the wind was gusting again and I just wanted to get away from it is so put my head down and headed north. Dull day today nothing interesting but the wind so I am just trying to get further north away hopefully from the wind, and to a more interesting landscape. There are huge queues at the petrol station I waited about three quarters of an hour before it was my turn and then they did a shift change that took another fifteen minutes. So fuelled up in the middle of who knows where and the wind is still toying with me and I am seriously bored.

Large queues at the Petrol Station and that is a highlight!

Just cranking the miles out Daisy whining all the way to as that chain is not getting any better. I have my destination as Viedma as according to my GPS its got a municipal campsite but according to the man at the next petrol station he says its closed but another man at another petrol station say its just over there and when I ask at a police check point they direct me down a dirt road and hey guess what it is closed and has been closed for 2 years. Chatting to a nice bloke and he directs to Balneario El Condor a beach town which has a couple of campsites about 35km away so of we trundle Daisy making some extraordinary noises that I am sure I am going to loose my chain at any minute bugger. I roll into town and ask a policeman on a quad bike for directions to a camping he says to follow him and he takes me to a campsite. I have heard horror stories about police in South America but in my experience the majority have been very nice and helpful this was no different. The problem with the campsite was that it had a charge for the person and a another charge for the tent and added together expensive for camping so I go to the other end of town on the dirt roads as the camping sites are cheaper down there and they where.

Another dusty campsite but nice enough I put me tent up when I am surround by a group of kids of different ages I had spoken to the eldest one earlier about bikes and he had returned with the rest of the family as one of his sisters wanted to practice her English. There timing was bad as I was just about to get out of my hot leathers and was balanced on my shoes as I did not want to get my feet dirty and they all turned up so we had a conversation. There were 7 siblings from the ages of 21 and I think the youngest was 7. The 10-year-old Larra was my favourite madly in love with Justin Bieber and very excitable she kept yapping away in Spanish and wanting me to count to 20 or just sing a Justin Bieber song. Not knowing any Justin Bieber songs I did counting 1 to 20 in English Dutch and French and then very badly in Spanish. Their father turned up and apologised about his kids but it was fun. I finally got rid of them a very strange but amusing dialog in a mixture of English and Spanish covering the interests of a 7 year old to a 48 year old! Out of me leathers finally and I walked into town to find something to eat again I ask directions and again I am not shown but taken to my destination and I found a pizza place and I ended up with half a pizza which I have no idea how I got a half but that was all I really wanted anyhow so I did not question it and it was half price as well.

Back to the campsite for a shower as they are only open in the evenings, why I do not have any idea why.I bumped into Larra again with her Mum and she asked for a kiss on the cheek so I obliged it looks like Justin Bieber has got some serious competition 🙂

Working on this offline and reading my Kindle the book I am reading at the moment is Sea biscuit, which was a very famous American racehorse during the depression. Interesting read. So a dull day but a very nice evening.

Dullsville !



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