Rada Chilly to Trelew,Monday, 11 February 2013, Day 223

No comment!

It is official it is I hate the wind day god it can really get to you that dam wind you cannot see it but boy can you feel it gusting always it is not always constant so you really have to be on your guard and today it was stronger than usual not as dangerous as a couple of days ago but enough to keep you wary. An additional problem with the wind is that every truck you pass coming from the opposite direction it feels like a body punch as you brace yourself but sometimes you are still not prepared on how heavy the hit will be so rattled and trying to keep the bike on track you soldier on and occasionally you will get a couple of trucks or lorries in a convoy so you get hammered over and over again not sure when you going to get out the other side so a lots of cursing and swearing was going on in Phillys helmet today he was not a happy bunny at all.

I woke up and even though the tent was in a sheltered spot it was blowing around a bit so I packed up dust everywhere and I hit the first petrol pump no petrol I had been warned fortunately another one just down the road as mentioned the wind is up and pushing me and Daisy all over the place but we have it under control but it takes some effort I fill up and have some breakfast as I am going to need all my energy if this wind keeps up. It does either I get used to it or its coming from a favourable position on my back and only a bit to the side so it seems easier later in the day. Not much to say about the route pretty dull finally I hit Trelew where I have a name of a hostel which I find asking directions as Mr GPS is having a strop again. I check in and I can park Daisy safely in one of the young lads garden around the corner and the next plan is to try and find some Motorcycle shops for some tyres and some serious TLC for Daisy and I think the chain is totally knackered and is making the most horrendous noises which fortunately gets drowned out by the wind noise so that the only nice thing I can think of to say about the wind today.

I get a list of shops and a map and I am ready to trawl the streets of Trelew when one of the lads introduce me to a group of people outside who are doing exactly the same thing as me and before I know it I am in the back of a car with 4 total strangers whizzing round the bike shops. Sorry mum you did warn me about getting into car with strangers but this lot turned out to be all right. So this was all done in a hurry and I am still not sure who these folks where and what they where up to but what I did know they going round motorcycle shops. I later find out that one of the guys was a Mexican and had problems with his Kawasaki KLR gear selector and one of the other guys was a local KLR guy helping him out along with 2 other of his mates who had the car and knew the shops. None of them spoke English except for Gabrielle who spoke a little bit so it took me a while to figure out what’s going on. Today is carnival not that you would noticed this far south but a lot of the places are closed or are not being able to do anything till Wednesday so I decide to put everything off till I hit Buenos Aires which about 1200km away so I hope Daisy can hold it together till then. We ended up back at the hostel after visiting a few shops I was offered some tyres at 500usd each thanks but no thanks I will continue with my cheap as chips Brazilian Pirellis. Hostel is across the road from a large Supermarket so Philly is cooking again Pasta and Ham again and then a frustrating evening with Internet that was hardly working trying to get this blog published but not getting anywhere fast so in the end I gave up so my dairy is reasonably up to date the only problem is that it is not published and getting photos uploaded is an issue so the blog is miles behind as well.

Strange day and I did not take one photograph one because nothing that interesting to photograph and two that dammed wind please do not get me started again about that bloody wind I hate it hate it hate it!!!

So photos for today is a montage of various Malvinas / Falklands posters signs I have photographed it is still a very hot topic here makes me feel very unwelcome at times but the folks I have met have been nothing but nice to me so no ill feeling from the local population towards me as an Englishman maybe because I qualify it with by saying that I have lived in Holland for most of my life 🙂


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