Ushuaia to Rio Grande, Thursday, 7 February 2013, Day 219

Finally make it to the end of the road for the mandatory photo shot 🙂


So what is the Plan Philly has spent 3 nights here which is a long time by my standards and it is time to hit the road again and a new destination that being Iguazu Falls, Brazil so that should please some of you that this trip is not over yet and I will be headed up the west coast of South America it was always my intention but needed to put in a dramatic pause as a will he won’t he moment to keep you guys interested.

I was supposed to be up early so that I could finally go to Tierra del Fuego national Park and get in free and get the mandatory end of the road Photo.

But I have got used to wallowing in my pit again so late start it is cold and I think its been snowing in the mountains (It has I just got a note from Andrea telling me this) the wind is also pretty strong so I am off to a great start for my return leg got to get of Tierra del Fuego island the same way I came and I am hoping that it will be a lot easier than on the way down but I need to get some early starts if I am going to avoid the wind which picks up later in the day.

I had not got round to giving Daisy a test ride since fettling with her a couple of days ago and on the run down to the petrol station crunch grouching sound still there bugger looks like the chain has developed a tight spot that is what happens when you do not look after your chain bugger and double bugger. So I am going to have to keep an eye on this and see how this develops but guess I am looking for a new chain this one has only done 22k on it last one lasted 34k and was still reasonable when I changed it as a precautionary measure and this one looks like it shot already the tyres are pretty shot as well with only 8.4k on these so it looks like Daisy is going to need some work done on her soon at the first big city in Argentina me thinks as she is definitely looking a bit sorry for herself especially after all the dirt we been doing in so some serious TLC  is needed if I am going to continue to churn out the miles that I have been doing during last couple of months.

I fill up with fuel and crunch up to the park and try and blag my way into the park free saying I only wanted to take some photos and I have come all the way from Alaska but no they heard this a thousand time before but if I get there before 8am I can get in free yes I already know that but I am an idle sod. So I cough up the money and there is an easy 20km dirt track to the sign. The sun has come out and the park is very pretty but its full of buses as there a couple of cruise ships in town so on my last run to the end of the world I am in a traffic jam!

Gorgeous and foxy!

The folks on the buses are fascinated by what I have just done and I am surrounded by loads of folks when I get to the end of the road sign and they all want to shake my hand and have there picture taken with me so I was a bit miffed when I thought that the park was going to full of tourist but as me and Daisy are the center of attention and its like I am some kind of celebrity and everyone wants a bit of me so I am loving the attention and I think Daisy is thinking you bastard you could at least have given me a clean and polish considering all these folks want to take my picture but I say the dirty rough look is butch and all the range with long distance motorcycles in  2013 which will buy me some time before the next bike wash the last one was in Columbia!

Been a bit of snow last night need to start heading North ASAP

Loads of question are being fired at me from the adoring crowd funny thing was they where all pretty negative questions such as did you have any mechanical breakdown, nasty situations, kidnappings etc. they seem to dwell on the negatives side of things rather than ask how wonderful some of the place I had seen they wanted to know how bad the place I had been to where which I found very strange but I am noticing that folks are more interesting in bad things than good things and I guess I am guilty of that trait as well but it very strange being surrounded by a group of people looking to hear horrors stories so it was only polite that I obliged.

Philly at the bottom of the world

I finally freed myself from he crowd (there bus was leaving) and I went for a bit of a walk and a ride around the park nice place but it was still a bit parky so one of my plans of camping here the night went straight out of the window and I was heading to Rio Grande. A nice run the wind was strong but not enough to impede progress so was just about manageable and I hit Rio Grande ay about 4pm and the wind was really starting to blow again for the last 30 minutes but I was nearly there. I headed for the place that A & A had stayed at it was supposed to be cheaper but as usual GPS let me down and I could not find the number of the house and it was not obvious and I did not want pull my computer out and look it up again as I already put the dam number in the GPS and then it disappears so if anyone knows how to get it back again I would really like to know. Plan B to Willy’s at Ruta 40 B & B and I checked in there, as the wind is getting stronger. There is me and a German biker called Doris staying there and we head down to the supermarket for supplies or literally get blown to the supermarket. Philly is cooking again tonight this time edible pasta with ham something I can do and another evening with the PC chatting and working on this. Strange Internet very slow but very good for uploading pictures so I am getting them up to date at least

Nice old car!


2 thoughts on “Ushuaia to Rio Grande, Thursday, 7 February 2013, Day 219

  1. Sjoerd

    Gefeliciteerd Philip , mooi gedaan .
    Nou zo vlug mogelijk uit die aankomende
    winter zone en naar warmere streken…. maar niet te ver of te vroeg want het wintert ook nog in in het noorden hè?


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