Ushuaia, Tuesday, 5 February 2013 to Wednesday, 6 February 2013,Day 217 to Day 218

Shall I just get on one of these and keep heading South?

As I left the last post I said I was exhausted physically mentally and every other type of exhaustion you can think of I think I had been running on my reserves for quite a while just trying to get to this point and now was a chance to stop and have a rest. I could have done this earlier but I was and I am still concerned about the weather and winter coming so hence the strict hard push south. So the short-term plan was to do as little as possible for a couple of days and it started with a lie in and a leisurely breakfast. Alex turned up while I was eating brekkie and I arranged to join them for there breakfast / lunch. They had been looking into trips to Antarctica, which sort of wetted my appetite everyone I had asked for suggestions from about what to do next was along the lines of turn round and head north and go up the other side of South America but as we all know I always ignore good suggestions and like going against the flow so jumping on a boat to Antarctica seemed to me like a good rebellious act. A & A had a few leads and that afternoon I checked out a few leads and a few of the travel agents looking for that elusive cheap deal to Antartica leaving within a couple of days.

Maybe this bus is going to Den Haag!


I was also had some domestic thing to do such as laundry and Daisy needed looking at as her chain was making some horrendous crunching noises I thought this was due to all of the dirt roads we been on and there may be some rocks jammed and rubbing but it turned out chain was just slack as hell and needed some adjustment I think I adjusted it recently but maybe I did not so took out the slack cleared some debris out from around the front sprocket in the hope that this would stop the horrible crunching noises I was hearing. (Paranoia setting in!). I was unable to take of the sprocket cover off as one of the Allen key bolts was slipping and rounding I need an impact driver but could see the front sprocket and it looked fine (I was worried the same thing that had happened with Alex may be happening with mine)

The plan was to do a test ride up to see A & A at the campsite and crack a bottle of champagne that we did not drink on news years eve either that they had been carrying but it was late and raining so I decided against this went for some dinner (there is no way I deserve my cooking twice in a row) and I met a Swiss guy who I had met in Puerto Natales and a Japanese/German/Canadian girl so  I joined them for dinner and then back to the hostel for another sociable evening.

A & A had found that elusive deal to Antarctica and where leaving on Thursday Phillys is still looking I have a few leads but they all mean hanging around for a week or two which I am not sure I fancy and it is still not that cheap so I am not sure I want to afford it as its an awful lot of money and I have spent a small fortune already and still need to get home so I am having my doubts about me going to Antarctica.

They knew I was coming and my dislike of dirt roads that they did me this stripe especially for me ( The road not the billboard!!)

Day 2 in Ushuaia still in my very lazy mood I was supposed to get up early to go into the Tierra del Fuego national park to take the mandatory end of the road pictures as it was free to get in if you got there before the gate attendants showed up for work at 8am but both today and yesterday I had two late nights and was enjoying having a lay in and being lazy for a change so that is what I am doing so that is a lots of procrastination and I will go tomorrow mañana I have been in Latin America to long!


Anyone going to Antarctica do not take up much room? View from hostel!

Meet up with A & A for late lunch and arrange to meet them that evening to say goodbye in their posh hotel, which is part of their Antarctica package I am a little bit jealous as yet that elusive deal to the Antartica had not turned up yet for Philly.

Saying Bye Bye to Alex and Andrea they are of to Antarctica I am heading North


I went for a walk and then back working on this as I was determined to have this damned blog up to date before I left Ushuaia (NB he failed!) and I spent a pleasant final evening with A & A (Hopefully I will meet them down the road as they are great low level maintenance travel partners :-)) and later another sociable evening at the hostel and yet another late night yapping.

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