Rio Grande to Ushuaia, Monday, 4 February 2013, Day 216

Made It!!!

Star date February 4 2013 captains log after 216 long days wandering the Americas Star ship Daisy and her Captain Philly of have finally completed there mission of Alaska to Chile or is that Argentina so they boldly went from the Top of the World to the Bottom of the world with a few Zigzags thrown in for just for a laugh or due to the Captains woeful navigating skills.

Extra Extra read all about it

Cor Blimey Guv I think they gone and done it who would have thought! What they gonna do next!

Tune into next weeks instalment at when he gets round to updating it lazy bugger or if you got any suggestion on how the two of the are going to get home well answers on a postcard to yes its that blog again

Message above posted on Facebook so it looks like Philly and Daisy made it 🙂

So lets recap I have just ridden my bike 52,213km I started on the 5th June in Halifax Nova Scotia so had to cover 11,500km before I even hit the start line at the Arctic Circle so a few km to get the tyres warmed up. It is 17,848km from the Artic Circle at the top of the world to Ushuaia at the Bottom. As we all know my navigating skills are pretty mediocre and that I am easily distracted so I did 40,600km and I could go on and on with loads of stats and numbers but I am not sure you all would find them as fascinating as me 🙂 So one final stat I have been on the road for 216 day and it took me 183 days so no speed limits or records broken and no animals where harmed in the making of this blog (well there was that squashed snake in the Mississippi and all the road kill on the side of the roads)

So what was the final day like I had a nice breakfast and Alex and Andrea popped by but did not stay long as they wanted to get to Ushuaia before the wind got up like yesterday again so plan to meet them at the Campsite in Ushuaia. (They just wanted to be first to Ushuaia is my theory :-))  The Ruiz brothers and me hit the road at about 10am after a leisurely breakfast and the mandatory photo shoot for willy for his Facebook site

Ruiz Brothers and Willy outside Ruta 40 B & B


The wind had dropped considerably still blowing (it never ceases) but is manageable so we are off. The Columbians are running at a much faster pace than me and disappear off into the distance I am determined to enjoy every minute of this last 210km so I set of at a more sedate pace and stop every now and again because I can and takes some photos. Nice run and soon I am back in the mountains I stop for some petrol but they are topping up the pumps so it will take 45 minutes I have enough to get me to Ushuaia so I press on and then after some nice twisty mountain roads I am there.

Nearly there!

So how am I feeling about getting here especially after yesterday failure? Well to be honest I have no idea yes I am chuffed to bits as for me it’s a completion of one my life long ambitions and I just slam dunked it!  It was bloody hard at times extremely scary at others but on the plus side bloody awesome most of the time (lets forget about all those times I was whingeing about being to hot to cold to whatever) But what now how am I going to top this one. So with joy and elation comes yet other feelings of what next as I have been totally focussed on this goal for the past 7 months (longer in you count the endless years dreaming about this trip) to reaching this point and I have ignored everything else telling myself that I will deal and handle them once I reached Ushuaia and now I am here I am going to have to start making some tough decisions and I have no idea where to begin its like a huge void has just opened and I have no idea on how to get to the other side. So my day of elation that I been working on for so long marred by the reality of real life and that bloody awful question what is it that am I going to do when I grow up!

So today I am not to keen on camping so find a hostel and then go and try to find A & A at the campsite to see how they are feeling about reaching the most Southern town in the world.

I was a bit confused as I thought Chile was at the bottom of South America but when folks started telling me Ushuaia was in Argentina I was even more confused but looking at the maps I was right it is Chile at the bottom for some reason the bottom of South America has been carved up and each been given a chunk so Argentina and Ushuaia is the most Southern Town Punta Arenas the most Southern City and Puerto Williams in Chile as well is the most Southern Post office so my original plan and tag line of Alaska to Chile was sort of right.

A & A were not there so I head back to the hostel and veg out as well as working on this and enjoying the great views from the top floor common room across the harbour bay and mountains it looks like a great place maybe should venture out!

View from the Hostel not bad but should really go out 🙂

Eventually I go for a walk nice town nice feel to it I am looking for somewhere to eat but nothing takes my fancy so I head to the supermarket and Philly will be cooking tonight and let me tell what I cooked was absolutely disgusting I brought what I thought was chicken cordon bleu which I thought I could just pop in the microwave and hey presto dinner. Nope these are not for the microwave so I end up doing them in the frying pan and they are breaded ham and cheese no chicken so as I said disgusting but cheap!

Sociable place so chatting with folks a late night at the bottom of the world I hit the sack planning to do a lot of sleeping for the next couple of days, as I am totally exhausted.

2 thoughts on “Rio Grande to Ushuaia, Monday, 4 February 2013, Day 216

  1. Jim

    Awesome job Phil, been great following this blog fully understand the feelings at the end had similar after my round the world sail. cheers Jim


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