Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas, Friday, 1 February 2013, Day 213

Middle of no where !

Shorter run today the wind is not as strong as yesterday but still blowing reasonably hard so I could stop every now and again but I had to pick my spot carefully out of the wind somehow to avoid me and Daisy ending up on our arses. Scenery is bleak and desolates both negative words but it has something special about it where bleak and desolate actually is very interesting and nice to be travelling through. I rolled into town or was that blown into town and found somewhere to stay I have been on a good roll recently and todays was no different. I got chatting to a chap called James who had been there for a month waiting for some spare parts (bearings) for a BMW he had left in Ushuaia and he had been on the road for 2 years in the Americas making my trip seem rather quick. The problem in Argentina is that you cannot import any foreign goods everything must be a manufactured in Argentina (assembled!) so that is why he was trying to get this done in Chile rather than Argentina. I do hope Alex made the right decision on going to Rio Gallegos, as it may be easier for parts in Chile.

Nice colours

I went for a wander round town and grabbed some food in a great interesting sandwich place huge meat sandwich no idea what I ordered and I was none the wiser when it arrived but it hit the spot.

Thought they where penguins till I saw one fly seemingly they are black and white cormorants John R correct me if I am wrong

That evening my computer or rather my computer power cable finally died so I am no longer able to charge my laptop as the connector to the computer which had been on the blink since Santiago finally gave up so tomorrows plan of getting the longer ferry to Tierra Del Fuego at 9am in the morning was shot and a new plan to go to a Tax free Zone just outside town to see if I can find a replacement cable! As I will be completely dead in the water without me PC, Daisy and my PC are my prize processions whilst on the road at the moment and I have no idea what I would do if either of them broke so I need to get the PC working as priority number one or maybe it is  just that I did not want to do an early start and the shorter ferry route with regular ferries is an easier route down south we will never no.

I got the PC fully charged by using someone else is cable (thanks James) so I had a good couple of hours left in the old girl if I was not successful in sourcing a new power cable.

Yellow House

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