Chillan to Villarrica, Wednesday, 23 January 2013, Day 204

Philly lost again is that Mt Fuji!

A pretty non-eventual day I am trying hard to remember what I did but cannot be anything to fascinating, as I would remember that. I did a bit more of route 5 as you really do not have much choice then of towards the Lake District destination Villarrica. Once of route 5 road more pleasant and interesting driving through golden brown cornfields and it is harvesting time so interesting and pretty scenery.

Something I can keep up off road 🙂

I head to hostel that I have the address of and check in there and its like I have arrived in Germany as the houses in Villarrica and architecture very Germanic and the hostel is a Swiss chalet. I go for a nice walk around then the town and then along the lake front its a gorgeous evening so a pleasant walk. I brought a couple of empanadas for my tea and I just hung around the hostel chatting to folks there so another pleasant evening.




So John R what is this one then?


3 thoughts on “Chillan to Villarrica, Wednesday, 23 January 2013, Day 204

  1. Liesbeth

    Wow, you look fit and slim. Or are you holding your breath? Of ben je echt zo dun en fit geworden? Zijn al de dirtroads toch nog ergens goed voor…..?


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