Santiago, Sunday, 20 January 2013, Day 201

Does my bum look big in this ?

On my 200th night on the road and they finally got me bed bugs Yuk! I have been bitten all night at first I thought it was mossies but none around and as I am talking to a French girl in the morning she said she had been bitten to and it was the dreaded bedbugs. It is a shame really as this is a nice hostel a bit tatty in places and the folks running it are very friendly and helpful but been eating alive all night is not very appealing. I have another night here but the French guy in the room is leaving and he said he was not bitten so will knick his bed tonight and see if that works.

Alex and Andrea are in town so I try and make vague plans to meet them at the Dakar Rally but in a strange town and allegedly 1 million people are expected for the finish the chances of this happening are slim to none.

Nice Sculpture!

So I walk into town to the finish podium but again I cannot get to close as its ticket holders only there is loads of road which has been closed of where the public can see the vehicles and competitors go past and the ceremony is from 10am till 4 pm so that 6 hours as everyone gets to stand on the podium but it is not very interesting to watch so take a few more photos and then go for a walk around Santiago which is quite as it’s a Sunday and the roads are all closed for the Dakar. My walk takes a good couple of hours Santiago is not really exciting me pleasant enough but just another big city nothing to write home about well the bits I have seen.

I am hot and tired from the walking and I have another watch of the Dakar it is getting to the tail end of the competitors and the crowd has thinned a bit but still boring. I walk home find another food hall for me tea and then back to Hostel working on you guess it to work on this never ending chore called

I am not looking forward to going to bed tonight as I was not that fond of my new bed partners I do hope that this other bed is bug free.

Sitting chatting and updating the blog in the yard at the back of the hostel very pleasant and nope I did not meet up with A & A but may see Alex tomorrow while getting the bike serviced as he needs some work doing on his bike as well.

Santiago Cathedral


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