Valparaiso, Friday, 18 January 2013, Day 199

Valparaiso Graffiti really rather good in my view

I have being pushing south hard since I hit Chile and I have been averaging 450km a day for the last week so a rest day is called for, as I am a wee bit tired. A good night’s sleep and lie in on the mattress on the floor under the piano a lazy morning first a Skype call to the folks as it has been a while and then just chatting to folks at the hostel in general. The plan is to go Vina del Mar to see if I can get an Oil Filter and a possible service for Daisy so I eventually tear myself away from the hostel and head down the hill to catch the metro to Vina. Nice walk pick up an empanada on the way and then 15 minutes on the train along the coast and I am there. I have two addresses of bike shops the first one I walk right past and miles further up the road before I realize and when I get back they are closing for lunch and will not open till 4pm so ask if they have an oil filter and they sort of ignore me and are quite rude and they pretend not to understand by bad Spanish and they tell me to come back at 4pm but I do not want to hang around only to find they do not stock any. No joy they are gone left talking to a nice guy customer who helps with the location of the second address I have and its quite a walk but I have plenty time as this shop will not be open again till 4pm

Its quite hot and this morning it was cold so I packed my jumper and coat so again I am lugging these around when I do not need to be one day I will get the weather and clothes combination right. A long traipse out to the other shop no they do have the parts but the guy there could not be more helpful he checked out shops in Santiago for me and they have them in stock there and he gave me the address of the main street for Motorcycle parts in Santiago called Lira. And to top it all he gave me his card and number and said I should call him if I need some help or cannot find what I am looking for so that is what I call service cheers mate. Jose Lopez Gallardo of Kilometro Cero Motorcycles step forward and take a bow for outstanding service.

Long hot walk back to the other shop taking in a bit of Vina Del Mar which was not that interesting but I had time to kill and then at 4pm back to the other shop nope they did not have any specific oil filters for Suzuki but had some Generic ones if I brought the old one in. Brilliant they could have told me that about 2 and half an hours ago and when I asked one of the blokes if I could use the loo he totally blanked me. Nice so not happy as I needed a pee and had an unsuccessful day so far and had walked for miles so back to Valparaiso the place I really wanted to spend more time in but first some dinner to get my energy levels up and then I went wandering. It was a gorgeous evening and I walked everywhere up hills and downhills different neighbourhoods I loved the place each corner was a new discovery. Totally run down and decrepit in places but I think that adds to the charm and the graffiti in places was brilliant as well as the different views. I spent hours just wandering admiring the old funicular railways they had here taking loads of picture of street art and of the different places.

Funicular railways in Valparaiso

I was smitten by this place and it had turned from a mediocre day into an excellent one. I was finally knackered and still had to get up yet another hill to the hostel and I had been trying for a couple of days to get a decent picture of the old trolley busses they have her and think I managed to get one  so I slowly walked up the hill to the hostel which was a bit quieter tonight but I had a good chat with the remaining folks and managed to get my washing done as well I finally crashed well pleased with my decision to come to Valparaiso I liked the hostel and I really liked this dirty old town 🙂


Villa Kuntabunt and Valparaiso graffiti whats not to like!


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