Cusco, Tuesday, 8 January 2013, Day 189

Fashion styles and accessories differ on the streets of Cusco

I have been getting up very early for the last couple of days so the plan was to have a lie in but as you know it seems I have lost my ability to lie in so I was up reasonably early having a nice breakfast in the courtyard and in the sun. Plan was to go and have a wander around Cusco but it was pleasant in the courtyard folks to chat with so was not till about 12am when I got my arse in gear and I went wandering.

Nice sun trap for breakfast when its not raining

Four seasons in one day is what the weather is like here so from gorgeous sunshine to torrential rain and everything in between. I walked up a hill and it started chucking it down and the only place to shelter was a church. However all the churches in Cusco you have to pay to get in so as I was trying to shelter the lady asked me for 10 sols nope alright 5 sols is she haggling also nope. I have a principle never to pay to go in Churches as they are for the people built by the sweat of the people and I am not going to pay to any religious organisation especially one as rich as he Catholic church so I sheltered under an awning just by the door of a church until it stop raining.

weeeeeeeee 🙂

Four seasons in one day Cusco

Having wandered all over Cusco I headed back to the hostel where a Canadian guy with the help of Glen was trying to sell his Kawasaki KLR650. A couple of days ago near Puquiro he had a head on collision with a Taxi at about 70km the bike was a mess he fortunately was okay bruised ankle but definitely still in shock. He had managed to get the bike to Cusco about 500km away and to the Hostel and as he had only 3 weeks left of his trip left and the bike was probably not worth shipping home and or not having the time to attempt to fix it up he was selling it to a Peruvian mechanic a contact of Glen for a song. The mechanic guy was going to try and drive it home so after pulling off all of the bits that was rubbing or impeding forward progress off or out and topping up the radiator which would hold no water he got it started and out of the hostel he even was going to try and take his girlfriend with him on a seriously bent and knackered bike but we persuaded him to put her in a Taxi and of he went no helmet into Cusco rush hour. I have forgotten the Canadian guys name which is a shame as he also gave me a great map of South America but you could see he was very upset when the guy rode of his bike which he had had for a while since new and had just done a great trip on and in a blink was over because of some tosser in A Taxi cutting blind corners and claiming poverty and no insurance when the shit hit the fan. It could be anyone of us so food for thought. The final blow during the accident was that someone had nicked some of his soft luggage. Bastards!

Good luck mate and have a safe trip home.

Famous 12 sided inca stone the masonary work here that the Incas did was fantastic!

That evening I went for a Mexican meal with Glen and Jasper it is funny but the conversation seems always to dwell on negative things such as accidents and robberies and all of the things that can go wrong on a trip like this. This always seems to be the case when you get a bunch of bikers together no idea why and most off putting for me who’s confidence ain’t that high at the best of times.

mmm women in uniform makes you want to do the crime 🙂

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