Puquiro to Abancay,Thursday, 3 January 2013, Day 184

I Like the stuff so much that I brought a lorry load to follow me around 🙂

The original plan was to push through to Cusco in one day as it was about 500km doable but a long day when we got talking to the old gentleman at the restaurant he mentioned that Abancay was a nice town and it was roughly half way and as we had really enjoyed Puquiro so we decided to take it easy and enjoy the ride through the mountains and do Cusco in two days. Lovely to be out of the desert and whizzing through the mountains stopping every now again for photos and just to enjoying the scenery a couple of high passes where it was a bit cooler and in short a very nice day in the saddle. We had breakfast in the same place as last night and Philly managed to get us lost getting us out of a one-horse town and as usual he blames his GPS but he finally managed to get us on the right road 🙂

Good to be back in the Mountains

Arrived in Abancay it is quite a bit larger than Puquiro so not quite same vibe I guess we got lucky with our last stop. We found a nice Hotel for reasonable price that the lady had discounted this for us so a honourable mention for the Oziwasi Hotel we even parked both bikes in the lobby. Andrea and me went for a quick walk looking for a market for some fruit (not for me I have not changed that much :-)) and then back to the Hotel and then it started to rain the road was like a river and the rain went on forever so we decided we would just hole up in the hotel for the evening as there was no way we where going out in that so no dinner and an evening with 3 of us on a double bed all with our PCs doing different things. Another very pleasant evening with good company the rain finally did stop but by then no one really fancied going out.

Two bikes parked in the hotel Lobby!


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