Huacachina to Puquiro, Wednesday, 2 January 2013, Day 183

Wonky tower for views of Nazca Lines only 1 dollar to go up !

So up bright and early with the idea to have breakfast at 7.30am at the Desert Nights Hostel that I was staying at change of plan as restaurant did not open till 8am so we hit the road straight away so my rhythm is upset as I was planning on breakfast in my head and I was now heading back into the desert. We stopped in a small roadside café after driving for about an hour for my standard South American breakfast of eggs and rice either scrambled or fried and a cup of milky coffee. A good fill.

We hit the Nazca lines which was as advertised in the middle of a huge flat bit of desert our first sign that we where there was that we being buzzed by small light aircraft overhead and then there was a simple metal tower in the middle of nowhere 2 sols to climb up and you could see two of the Nazca Geoglyph’s yes that is a real word I got it from Wikipedia and this was the world famous Nazca Line’s! Well it is a bit more impressive than that but this involves getting in an airplane and doing a tour from above but that was not in the budget so a wonky tower that only can manage 10 people was going to be my experience of the Nazca lines.

This is what you see if you do not want to afford the airplane trip


We did a quick fuel stop and cashpoint stop in Nazca and it was hot but this was going to change as we were finally moving out of the desert and back into the Andes to a place called Puquiro as it was within driving range and there was nothing else before and after. The heat was soon long behind us as we climbed and we eventually found ourselves in a one-horse town but this place had a great vibe to it.

Back in the mountains with mobile chicanes for added fun !


The Romanians as usual did a great job at locating a cheap but cheerful place to stay (its great traveling with Alex and Andrea as they are great at sniffing out a bargain)

Cool little town with a great vibe 🙂

We went for a wander and we found a great little restaurant where we had an excellent feed it was that good we planned to go there for breakfast the next day as well.

great little restaurant

More wandering around this charming small town and back to the Hostel to work on the blog and photos as usual a nice mixed scenery day with lot more mountains to come 🙂


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