Canoas de Punta Sal,Thursday, 27 December 2012, Day 177

My travel companions for the last couple of days Alex and Andrea

We got up reasonably early but I think the decision was made a lot earlier we are not moving on today we are staying here, as it is a lovely location right on the beach. So a totally do nothing day on the beach. Leisurely breakfast and a morning of internetting I have millions of extra photographs courtesy of Andrea my new official personal photographer problem is its going to take days to load them on to SmugMug.

Everyone working on their blogs.

Eventually we got enough energy to get a motortaxi (TukTuk) into the village late on the afternoon and we grabbed some late lunch earlier dinner. Unfortunately Andrea was not feeling well and was sick so this trip shortened and we went back to our beach home for the rest of the evening.

Nice rest day you do need one every now and again big mileage day tomorrow to compensate 🙂

Kitten with a foot fetish 🙂

And doggy with a broken leg cast is bigger than him 🙂

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