Quito, Sunday, 23 December 2012, Day 173

Quito Quite Stunning!

I had decided yesterday that I was going to spend another day in Quito as I had seen nothing yesterday and I heard that every other Sunday the historical center has a car ban and the roads are blocked and only cyclist and pedestrians are allowed on the streets.


Opening statement I like Quito I really do a great place and a great day.

Could it be that the sun was shining but it is only a pleasant 22 degrees, could it be that my arse was finally back under my control, could it be no cars, could it it be that I was no longer a hot and sweaty mess, could be many things but I had a brilliant day.

Started with a leisurely breakfast at the hostel on the roof terrace overlooking Quito soaking up the sun not to hot 🙂

Breakfast views


Then walked for miles climbed loads of hills and stairs saw churches, squares and beautiful vista’s and took loads of photographs, saw load of local pipe bands,

local dances.

Oh I do like twirly dresses 🙂



I crawled all over the Cathedral up and into all of the towers and across the roof very scary as the stairs are steep and dodgy this would be a total no no in health and safety conscience Europe but here it was like being in an adventure park and great views 360 degrees in every direction.

Climbing all over the Cathedral


At one point I saw a sign saying ‘’Caution Tourists Robbery Zone Do not walk this street Danger” mmm a bit late as I am already here taking a picture! All on me own some luckily no one else around so I headed back to the crowds.


At the end of day it tried to rain and was just about to explore the new town as I had covered the majority of the old town when I saw a McDonalds sign so that was dinner sorted. Back to the Hostel and again working on this! I do hope the effort put into this blog is appreciated as it is all I seem to do.

2 thoughts on “Quito, Sunday, 23 December 2012, Day 173

  1. Jim walker

    Merry Xmas Phil, doubt you are going to get turkey and all the trimmings but maybe a big mac will do it for you. Just to get a perspective on what is expensive for an hotel, what were you budgeting per day and do you find you are within it usually. Keep the blogs coming really enjoy following the trip. Great you finally got the GPS sorted, maybe that was your Xmas present. Cheers Jim

    1. Phillip Beckwith Post author

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the season greetings I am guessing the GPS saga will run and run but certainly keeps it interesting. Budget questions are always difficult to respond to as it depends on which country I am in and how generous the budget holder i.e me is feeling 🙂 The example of what I was said was expensive for Columbia was that I paid EUR30.00 so cheap by european and US standards but if you compare this the 10 EUR I have been paying in the rest of Columbia then you can see that it then starts feeling expensive but its all relative. I have all the numbers and cost if you interested in doing something similar or weighing up options to do something like this I may get round to putting some generic figures on the blog someday but can give you some info privately if you are interested.


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