Medellin to Cali, Tuesday, 18 December 2012, Day 168

Lost who cares when the views are like this 🙂

For some reason I have booked into a hostel tonight for two nights and looking at the map it’s seriously hardcore to do this run in one day especially as I am just recovering from the screaming habdabs. Well there was some rational for my ludicrous planning as I had sort of arranged a service for Daisy with and they also owned a hostel so two birds with one stone but why in one day beats me should be doable if nothing goes wrong. Well you guessed it I pulled out of Medellin and got totally lost my wonderful GPS not doing its job properly as usual and absolutely no real detail (Note 22/12/2012 I have hopefully resolved this) so I was driving around totally lost getting no feedback from the GPS. At one stage went into this little village down a steep hill and and had all the locals helping me but they were all sending me in different directions but I figured out where I did not want to go and took it from there. Getting out of the village was difficult as the road was practically vertical wet and slippery so when I reach the top where it met the main road I had to stop as there was traffic but as I stopped the front wheel locked and I started sliding backwards downhill so much for ABS in this situation the front was locked no grip I could not get to the back brake as I needed two legs down to try and balance Daisy so the only thing left to do was give it some welly and get some forward momentum and I catapulted myself on to the main road. Fortunately for me  it was clear bloody hell its going to be a long day. I got lost again in another town and I asked a chap the direction to Fredonia he said I was in it! My GPS said it was another couple of miles down the road! Lost again GPS says turn right in 100 meters get there no road! Hit recalculate and it adds another 50 0r 80km to the distance! So that’s how my day went so the chances of getting to Cali completely gone so it was on to plan B as I always have more than one game plan but then I hit a fast dual carriage way and started chewing up the miles, I stopped for fuel and the guy said its was only another hour to Cali my GPS said two hours guess who I believed today. So back to plan A and rolled into Cali just as it was getting dark no problem as I had a bed booked.

Sure I crossed this river before!


I had a chat with the wife of the owner of about the service and she said to chat with the Mechanic tomorrow so it is time for tea. I have noticed in South America when I get of the bike at the end of day my face is absolutely filthy  and I look like I have been working at the pit face all day I am covered in soot and some of these old Diesel trucks and busses are kicking out some serious dirt.

Chinese meal huge so get a carry out so that dinner for tomorrow night sorted and I guess my stomach has shrunk (yeah right!) after not eating much for days.

On the way back to the Hostel I pass a bike shop and recognise one of the BMW as its has Belize plates so that must be Alfred from the Stahlratte and look around and I spot him. He has lost Joop his travel companion somehow and was on his own in town so I join him for dinner (no not two dinners now I am better but joined him whilst he was eating and had a soft drink and yes I am still of the booze)

Been a long day about 10 hours in the saddle so quite glad when I hit the sack it is a service day for Daisy tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Medellin to Cali, Tuesday, 18 December 2012, Day 168

  1. Gill & Clive Dear

    Dear Fi, Merry Christmas to You, where ever you may be! Lots of love Gill, Clive + George xxx
    George is over-excited about Santa coming…….me thinks it will be a very early start to Christmas Day.


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