Carceres to Medellin, Sunday, 16 December 2012, Day 166

Cool Para gliders

I am still in a bad way when I hit the road as I have not really eaten anything for days but the good news is that I am heading uphill so finally it will be cooler. As mentioned before I am not a huge fan of the heat and being a sweaty mess all day so give me the cool and dry any day of the week as this body of mine  is not designed for the tropics.

Another day just surviving again not really appreciating all the gorgeous stuff around me I am heading for Medellin where I will rest up and try and get my guts in order but I have food poisoning and the only cure for this is time.

A couple of the highlights of the day where I spotted a whole load of places at the side of the road for cleaning bikes and cars so I pulled over and asked how much. Answer 2 dollars so that’s a snip and Daisy needed a good cleaning to get rid of all the salt water from her recent trip on Stahlratte. So I settle in as well as I could be and in the shade and  I watched two young lads go to work on Daisy. It was a joy to watch it took an hour to do the job and they basically cleaned Daisy with a toothbrush I never seen her look so good and clean. Those lads really earned there money and where very entertaining as well even though I felt that I was at death door I still managed to have a good crack with the lads at this car wash place.


Daisy looking spotless thanks to these two lads

Back on the road again trying to avoid puddles and dirt but that impossible so Daisy did not remain clean for long but boy did she look good for a while.

As mentioned I am now in the foothills of the Andes and after fighting my way through a road block I came across this place where they where Hang Gliding and paragliding so I stopped to watch this for while great thermals as they always managed to land back where they started and there where eagles flying with them. So very enjoyable time had watching this.

I finally hit Medellin which is a huge city at rush hour of course and  I made my way to an area where Hostels were and I found somewhere for the next couple of nights. Problem was no parking for the bike but that was soon resolved, as there was a posh hotel just down the street that had a car park that you could park in which was at a reasonable price. So I had the bed next to the loo and I knew were there was another loo if this one was occupied so I brought some soup and bread and I did not venture to far as I could still not risk it.

2 thoughts on “Carceres to Medellin, Sunday, 16 December 2012, Day 166

  1. Jim

    Phil you need some imodium to ease your back door trots had a look for a portugese equivalent on the web see below. Hope this helps must be a chemist in some of these towns that can sort you out. Cheers Jim

    What is the equvalent drug to imodium sold by chemists in brazil?
    You need a product based on Loperamide hydrochloride – or loperamida – in Portuguese. This is the active ingredient of Imodium.
    Read more

    1. Phillip Beckwith Post author

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the info, the problem with Imodium is that it only blocks you up it does not fix the issue but postpones it so great if you on a short trip and need sealing quickly. Trick is to suffer for a while and hope it stops that way you also build up some immunity for the next time. Good news is that I am back to normal again 🙂 so hopefully less toilet talk on this blog for a while


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