Cartagena to Carceres, Saturday, 15 December 2012, Day 165

Who are pretty boy then

I am finally back on the road again not feeling that great as my guts they are rotten not sure if this is due to something I had eaten or drank or is just good old fashion fear of the trip that I am embarking on. Normally for me my guts seize up when I am scared and currently they cannot be described as seized as everything I eat or drink is going straight through me so it is not fear even though I am nervous about Phillys Big Trip Part 3 more so than with the first two parts why is that as so far everything has worked out and nothing has gone wrong so I am not sure how long this good luck will last and I know a lot more than when I started so with knowledge comes doubt so I would prefer going back to being totally ignorant as that has worked well for me so far but unfortunately that is not possible.

Said Ta Ta to the remaining folks and I pulled out straight into Cartagena rush hour so needed to be on the ball from the get go doing all of this without following through as my arse was on hair trigger.

Do not remember much of the journey as I was not feeling to great and I was just focusing on surviving rather than enjoying the scenery. It was very nice once I cleared the city and I was hoping to hit the hills soon but mostly in the low lands thus still hot for most of the day. Loads of Police control points but they mainly wave me through I was only stopped once for a complete check. All the roads here are toll roads but the good news is next to each toll booth there is a special track just for Motorcyclist as they do not have to pay I am not sure if I could always squeeze through with all my luggage but thus far I have managed to. I certainly would not pay the toll, as the roads are not that good with large stretches of dirt road for no apparent reason. I did quite a long day for the first day back in the saddle and for the the condition I was in and before I knew it was that time of day when the light is gorgeous and mother nature is teasing you just to keep on going then the slut will then turn the light out in a blink of an eye and you will go from gorgeous to riding into the pitch dark. Yet everyday I still get caught napping I am enjoying the ride and the light the road and the scenery I have just past another town with sleeping possibilities I am certain there will more down the road (does this sound familiar) I realised the next town further than the minutes of daylight left bugger another déjà vu moment. When I passed a petrol station that had a hotel and a small restaurant attached to it. A stroke of luck or perfect planning you decide 🙂

All the bridges are yellow

Cheap and cheerful and a place to myself it has been a while since I have any real privacy and I am finally on my own. Huge Sigh 🙂

My guts are still playing up and the restaurant does not have a menu so I am trying to explain in Spanish that I am looking at some simple food that I can keep down. End up with some meat soup as I believe it was some dodgy meat I had in Cartagena that got me in my current predicament so I eat only the liquid and the spuds and some lemon juice/vinegar that they said may help my stomach not. The place is in the middle of nowhere but I am joined by 3 police officers (Hallo, Hallo, Hallo I could not resist that it or is ola, ola, ola :-)) who are bored shitless and on duty so they decide to use me for entertainment chatting away in bad Spanish.

I am back to the room trying to get this updated but my hearts not in it so end listen to a Spanish lesson 1 of 30 I had got from Paul and some Billy Connelly MP3 in-between mad dashes to the loo. Good to be back on the road my only wish currently is that I had some control over me bowels 😦

 I nearly forgot

Happy Birthday dear Mummy Happy Birthday to you,

Lang zal ze leven Lang zal ze leven hip hip hora 🙂


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