Panama City, Wednesday, 5 December 2012 and Thursday, 6 December 2012,Day 155 and Day 156

Panama Canal Big boy toys ūüôā

Well todays is Sint Nicholas in the Netherlands so I put my shoe out last night in the hope that there would be some sweeties in them in the morning. Nope no such luck so either I have been a bad boy this year and or he does not cover Panama City. Must be the latter. Well I have reached the bottom of Central America and I have also ran out of steam as another one of my milestones had just been achieved so as I am knackered and I am  finding it hard to motivate myself to go and and do the touristy stuff that you should do in Panama City so in short an uneventful couple of days.

On the first day managed to wander round the local bike dealers looking for some oil for my chain oiler. When I hit the first shop the heavens opened up so took shelter there for about an hour chatting to the nice Vietnamese owner of the shop. It finally stopped raining enough to venture out and went to a couple more bike shops and huge super market looking for a specific type of oil.


Panama Rain Storm it pisses down!

I finally found some and back to the hostel for some more vegging about. That evening went to the Supermarket and brought some sausages to throw on the Barbie back at the hostel.

The second day I was a bit more determined to do something and you cannot come to Panama City without seeing the infamous Panama Canal. I had managed to load a half decent map onto my GPS, which I got from Paul so in theory I should be able to find the Mira Flores Locks. Well I got lost again and spent a good hour going in ever decreasing circles until I stumbled on to the locks. I spent a pleasant hours or so watching huge container ships going through the locks watching a 3D film about the Panama Canal and visiting the museum. So back to the hostel before the rains start and that is enough touristy stuff for the moment as I did not fancy getting stuck out in the rain because when it rains here the roads turn into rivers and traffic grinds to a halt.


Back to the same Italian Place for my tea chatting to Ryan and Paul who seem determined to shit me out on how difficult the trip is going to be through South America.




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