Balgue, Tuesday, 27 November 2012, Day 147

Some of the locals in Balgue

Future bacon sandwiches!

Wow I am getting lazy with not having to do much riding because the boat is not till the 8th December and I am practically through Central America. I got up at 7am due to the fact that I had gone to bed really early but I just lazed around on the balcony in the hammocks and the great views till about 12am leisurely breakfast and reading my new books on Kindle. For some perverse reason I am reading a book about a Jewish doctor/pathologist experiences at Auschwitz not at all a pleasant read but I cannot put it down. I do this every now again read a book with a really horrible subject matter after I will then read something a bit more light hearted next.

Road to the the Finca

I finally got in the shower and then I went for a walk first up the hill till I sort of got lost then down the dirt track into the village to the local restaurant I had heard about run by an English bloke and I just vegged around there with an English couple from the Finca who where driving through doing similar route as me in an old American van (Forgotten there names already god I am bad at names :-(). I Had a very nice lunch of Dhal (lentils) and a lemon juice. I then went for small walk around the village down to the lake and slowly made way back to the Finca uphill this time so needed a little lie down in the hammock when I got back to view another fabulous sunset.


I had dinner with Taj a 60-year-old Canadian guy who works in the summer and winters down south in any hot country. He is suffering from Parkinson disease so he is not sure how long he will be able to keep up the present lifestyle. Interesting chap done quite a lot he has no idea how bad the Parkinson will get and how quickly he will deterioate but it most be pretty scary as well as exhausting with the continuing shaking and twitching. I must admit when I first met him I presumed he was an ex junk with serious withdrawal issues until I got chatting to him. I should try not to be so judgemental in the future as he turned out to be fascinating bloke  and I hope for his sake that the illness does not set in to quickly and he can enjoy a reasonable life for as long as possible. Certainly makes you think on how fleeting life can be.

That evening we were joined by a couple of flight attendant Stewards and I was chatting with one of them about the life on the road interesting but not sure I would like to do it. This bloke has been doing this for 14 years always on the move and living in hotels fascinating but I am not sure it’s my cup of tea or should that be tea or coffee sir. Another early night back in my box at the end of a very relaxing day.




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