Guest posting

Nicked some of your photos and will probably nick most of your route as I am lazy when it comes to planning safe travels Phill

BUENOS AIRES to QUEBEC (via Ushuaia!)

We stayed with Norman in David, (David being a town in Costa Rica) (Norman being an ex-pat biker from the UK), for a couple of days. Bike sprockets were collected and changed and a box full of our ‘South American stuff’ was posted back home – we won’t be needing that any more!

Our time with Norman was leisurely, taken in by his (early / semi) retirement plan of chilling during the day and eating and drinking during the evening, punctuated only by the antics of a mischievous white-face monkey who terrorised the open-style house when he thought,  a) no one was looking, or  b) visitors were looking but not Norman. The latter explanation being that the cheeky monkey found great enjoyment in meeting new people, laughing at us, pulling our hair and generally prancing about in a game known only to himself, but then made a frantic dash for…

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