Los Naranjos to Danli, Saturday, 17 November 2012, Day 137

Pulhapanzak Waterfalls nice!


It is Saturday already I have somehow lost a day somewhere meaning I will hit the Nicaraguan border on a Sundays and Sunday is also the day of the local elections here so I hope the border is open. Plan todays was to get up reasonably early and go to the Pulhapanzak Waterfall and then head for the border town of Danli. So that’s the plan but I did not get up till 10am ish as I could not see my watch in my room as it was dark in there. So a leisurely breakfast so I did not hit the road till about 11.30am maybe I will skip the falls as they are not exactly on my way to ensure I get to Danli before it gets dark. As I get to the turnoff I say bollocks and head for the falls anyhow and I will figure out the rest later. I spent a short time at the falls taking pictures then I hit the road. For the first 100km I was backtracking along the route I came in a couple of days ago the difference to day was that it was not raining and I could see some of the scenery this time but still cool and cloudy so vistas slightly spoiled by cloud cover. This is the main road to the capital so in places very good twisty dual carriageway through the mountains but just to keep you on your toes the odd potholes or dirt track for road works and lots slow moving traffic but making reasonable progress and enjoying the ride.


Goodbye and thank you for all the fish.

I have been told not to stay in Honduras capital Tegucigalpa (hands up anyone who knew that was the name of the capital of Honduras) so I passed through pretty quickly lots of traffic and the odd accident and fighting with the locals for my share of the road. Lovely run in to Danli it was about 4.30pm so the light was great but was I was slightly concerned it was going to get dark on me but I hit the town and found a hotel just as the sun was dipping below the horizon.

mandatory shadow shot all travels blog have them so guess this one needs one to 🙂

I was joined by a Romanian Couple I had caught up with on the road into Danli but had lost them again due to traffic and roadwork’s and it turns out they are also on the same boat as me to Colombia so that’s 4 fellow passengers I have met already. We went into town to grab something to eat and find ourselves in an interesting café run by a Texan who had landed up it here years ago. Interesting Chap and not bad food spagbol just what I fancied. Alex and Andrea headed back to the hotel and I went for a small wander on my own but not much here or it is the kind of place to be wandering out at night so back to the room and yes this is finally up to date it 9pm so a bit more reading and then beddies byes. No Internet so unable to publish this so you lot will just have to wait for your next dose of Phillys Big Trip. Tomorrow is another border crossing and a new country Nicaragua should be fascinating. Trivia fact on Honduras tomorrow is there elections day so there is no alcohol being sold the day before the day after and the day of the elections I wonder how this effects the voting 🙂

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