Copan Ruinas, Tuesday, 13 November 2012, Day 133

Copan Ruinas Honduras Cool place

I sort of slept in but guess I have lost the knack. I must of being tired as I slept through the loud music coming from the disco next door it was cool to go to sleep with all the latest disco hits. I had a long relaxing breakfast and then I walked to the Ruins, which turned out, to be fantastic Mayan site so I spent most of the day taking loads of crap pictures and just taking in the sites. The place is pretty deserted so I pretty much have the place to myself which is cool. At about 3pm I find out there is another bit to this site about 2km away so I made tracks there as it was shutting at 4pm. Absolutely no one here at this part and here there was the ruins of the houses where as the main part was temples this was also cool but I had to move fast, which was a shame. Note to self-do more planning! I walked back to town so I have done a lot of walking today I then went to the ATM and on my way back to hotel bumped into Wendy a Dutch girl who was at the house I had stayed at in Antigua so we arranged to meet for dinner.





Pleasant evening at Viavia with Wendy, Paul the Canadian chap and another English girl called Becky.

Wendy was flying back to NL but I have arranged to meet her in Panama City in December gezellig  🙂

macaws flying around the ruins


Hey Tads you opened a place in Honduras

2 thoughts on “Copan Ruinas, Tuesday, 13 November 2012, Day 133

  1. Lynn Anderson

    Hi Phil, it’s Scottish Lynn here, that you met in Antigua. I’m currently in Panajachel and planning to go to Copan next,so it was great to read this part of your blog. Your border crossing into Nicaragua and the whole licence issue seems really scary! You’re a brave man. I hope the tall stories you were hearing about further down the track are indeed tall stories. It’s great to read your blog and to see how your journey is continuing. All the best with it! Lynn x

    1. Phillip Beckwith Post author

      Hi Lynn welcome to my blog the more you travel the taller and scarier the stories get mostly hot air to make the teller of said stories more exciting than it actually is I have used some embellishment in this blog as well as it would be even duller than it is 🙂 Brave nope stupid often


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