Santo Domingo Zanatepec to San Cristobal de las Casas, Wednesday, 31 October 2012, Day 120

who is a pretty boy then!

Today’s destination is San Cristobal de las Casas a reasonable short run and I was planning to get there early in the afternoon to give me some time to take in the town.

It’s extremely hot and the sun is shining so need to get rolling quickly before I melt.

Head back up into the hills looking for a place to get some breakfast. Spot a ramshackle little place on the side of the road run by a little old lady.  One old table a couple of old chairs all plastic and an a gas stove in the corner, so I get out of the sun and order some cheese quesadillas and a cup of coffee and relax and watch the world go by. Not much goes buy as there is little to none traffic on this road and there are a couple of police or I think they are police sitting in a van patrolling the empty road. Under the van is a puppy having a snooze. When the cops want to move they know its there so are tooting the horn trying to wake it up and to get it to move so that it is not squished as the drive away. So when they leave it comes and lies under my bike and is joined by a cat as well so I am sitting relaxing having a great little breakfast watching the show.

not much shade to be had this will do

Joined by a Cat sharing the shade from my bike 🙂


Easy run into San Cristobal except my GPS takes me straight through Tuxtla GT which is extremely busy and a lot stop start riding in the heat which is not that pleasurable. I finally I hit a toll road to San Cristobal and it cools down and even starts to rain as I head up into a mountains. Last time I was here it was also raining so must be something about this place that it rains a lot.

Go straight to the center and then work my way out looking for the first decent looking place to stay with parking which is easy and I found a cheap and cheerful posada a couple of blocks from the center and I check in there.

They say they have WIFI which is sort of true only problem it is only in one certain specific spot in the hotel where it works and I needed it to do some research on crossing the border into Guatemala but I decide to put the research of and head into town first. I spent the rest of the day and evening just wandering around. I only recognised a couple of place and for the rest it did not look familiar at all so a pleasant afternoon walking all over the place. I am in need of something familiar and greasy for my supper so I ended up at Burger King having a burger. Also I walked up a load of stairs to a Churches and when I got the top I was gasping for air. Christ I am out of condition amazing how quickly you loose it. (Did I ever have it :-)) Going have to figure a way on getting my fitness levels back but I am not sure how to do that whilst on the road.

San Cristobal

Todays is Halloween and I noticed that loads of folks are lining the streets so I am guessing that there is going to be a procession and turns out to be one loads of people dressed up as zombies and scary monsters. A quite entertaining, and most enjoyable day and evening.


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