Austin to Mathis, Tuesday, 23 October 2012, Day 112

The Alamo San Antonio Texas

I am straight back into the routine out of bed sort the kit out pack the bike plug Subway into the GPS for breakfast and then hit the road. It is dull and overcast today and is threatening to rain but it does not and still quite warm. I am heading into Texas Hill Country and a route called the devil backbone, which starts, in place called Blanco. No problem finding it after checking in at the local tourist info place for directions. Oh yes sir this is a must see ride keep your eyes open for a wonderful vistas on the way back. A couple of hours later I am back in Blanco and I think I must have missed something as to be honest I have not been to impressed with the scenery it was pleasant enough but nothing to write home about! Oh well maybe I need to recalibrate my expectation button or it may be nicer when the sun shines or it is what it is.

Fortunately my next destination made up for this disappointment next stop the Alamo and San Antonio. Great place enjoyed the Alamo as well as wandering along the canals or rivers maybe I should hole up here for the night as this town has a great vibe to it.

The Alamo

San Antonio liked this place!

An obvious conclusion one would think but for some reason this fella has itchy feet so after failing to find a B&B I had gotten the name of I decided I could easily find a cheap motel on the road South out of here. Well that is the theory now here is the reality its 9.30pm  pitch dark and I am in the middle of no where trying to find somewhere to stay. I am an asshole sometimes here I was breaking Philly rule number 1 do not ride at night and in the dark all because I am a stubborn bastard or a born optimist depending on how you look at this.

So after leaving San Antonio I started looking for motels but on the little back road I was on there were not many and when I did find one they had no vacancies which was weird as it was not a weekend. It turned out that that there are lots of oil fields out here and the oil workers are  all staying in the local motels. I found 2 that had a place but to expensive for my budget so kept on rolling later regretting my choice as the further I went the more no vacancy signs I was seeing and the towns where getting further apart. I change my destination to Corpus Christie onto a larger road in the hope of getting more options there nope. I should have swallowed my pride and headed back to one of the places I had past up on or back to San Antonio but nope onward and forward is my motto (dickhead) So I am absolutely cream crackered and go and ask at a motel in Mathis and they are asking 106USD plus tax a night bugger that its only another 40 miles to Corpus Christie there is bound to be something there and  if all else fail. I pass another motel that has no vacancy sign then another one that looks like it might have  a room it is nearly 10pm at night so decide to swallow my pride and this is going to be my home for the night it turns out to be cheaper than the 106USD the last place was asking for but  more than the others I had turned down. Oh well C’est la vie.

The Alamo


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