Houston, Friday, 19 October 2012 to Sunday, 21 October 2012, Day 108 to Day 110

Battleship Texas


I am already falling behind with this blog so I have grouped these days together to help me get back up to date 🙂

So what did I get up to in Houston except drink lashing of beer and eat extremely well.

  • On the Friday I went for a day trip with John first to check out his sailing club as some ropes needed to be changed on his dingy. We chilled out on the deck of the clubhouse enjoying the view over the gulf. I was invited to a party tomorrow which was nice the only problem was it was a 4 year old girl who asked me so I am not sure I will be able to make it!

On the way back we stopped of at San Jacinto Battleground where there is huge monument and an old WW1 battleship called The Texas. We wandered around there for a bit before being eaten alive by mosquitoes so it is of to the Hay Merchant to see Angela and some more beers then back to the house to chill out in front the goggle box

No Comment or hello sailor!


  • On Saturday I went to pick up the bike from http://www.stubbscycles.com . All the work had been done and they even gave me a goodie bag which had 2 t-shirts and 2 cup coolers in it which was a nice surprise. I must give a special thank you to Nef Delgado who looked after me sorted out everything answered all my dumb question and was very good on the pricing and discounts it was a pleasure doing business with you sir. I would recommend anyone needing work doing in the Houston area to pop by and ask for Nef a great lad and great fun to deal with.

So back to Johns and straight out as we had a party to go to at some friends of John called Steve and Leigh Ellen. The reason for the party was that there was a barrel of beer that needed finishing off so this looks like something I could help with.

After emptying the barrel I had promised to take John and Angela out for a meal for looking after me so well so we headed to the Big Red Cock yes the place is actually called that. Unfortunately fully booked so we ended across the road at another place having loads of different appetisers as none of us was that hungry as we had been well fed and filled full of beer at Steve and Leigh’s but we did manage to order quite a lot of interesting stuff.I had my first taste of oysters that surprisingly I actually liked as not being a big fan of fishy tasty food. I will be trying these again in the future icky but nice.

No rest for the wicked as to end the evening we had arranged to meet up with some other friends of John at the Ginger Man Pub so onward and forward and of there for yet more beer. It was another late night but all in all a very productive and enjoyable day, time for bed hic!

  • I was a bit rough after yesterday’s session so a slow start to the day we headed to a Vietnamese café for brunch of noodle soup which is an excellent hangover cure. Then back to the Hay Merchant to pick up Angela who was working there after getting John’s Mini a MOT or State tested as they call it here. I do like the fact that Sunday here is same as any other day and you can get thing done as everything is open it suits me a 24/7 world as long as its not me working the weird shifts. Talking of shifts we picked up Angela up who had just finished hers and we walked down the street to another bar called the Anvil which specialised in cocktails so you guessed it we had to sample a few!

    The Anvil afternoon Cocktails

Later friends of John and Angela turned up same gang as last night and so we headed to another bar called Catbirds and eventually as it was a school night John and me called it quits and headed home. He had to work tomorrow and I was hitting the road again.

Well another great couple of days in Houston this mainly due to my great hosts Angela and John. Thanks for everything picking me up chauffeuring me around feeding me with excellent food and filling me full of multitudes of different types of alcohol I am not sure if I can keep this up but it sure was fun trying. I really like Houston I think this is because the Houston you guys shared with me was excellent fun. I will most definitely be back so thank you for making me feel so welcome 🙂


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