Den Haag to Houston, Thursday, 18 October 2012, Day 107

Large Steak mmmm lekker

Up at 5am to catch a plane back to US the trains are not running between Leiden and Schiphol due to maintenance work so a bit of detour around Harlem to get to the Airport.A bit of hassle checking in which I was expecting as I did not have a return ticket and the airlines get a bit nervous if they think they will have to pay if I am refused entry into the US but I flash me new 10 year visa and everyone is happy so that day spent at the US embassy definatley worth it.

John was there to meet me in Houston so back to his place ASAP we pulled the bike out of the garage and then straight of to as the plan was to get it serviced there and to change a whole lot of the consumables such as new tyres front and back, new disc pads front, new chain and sprockets and a full service.

The bike had been sitting for a month so we had a bit of a moment when it did not want to start straight away and she was a bit rough once it did get started so some serious TLC is needed me thinks and that is what she was going to get.

Pulling the bike out of the garage.

It was good to be back on the bike again crossing Houston however I was starting to flag a bit as it had already been a long day for me. We got their well before they had to shut so we went through the list of things that needed doing with Nef added all the discounts which we missed last time and then with that all that sorted me and John headed to the Ginger Man pub for a couple of beers.

Then back to Johns via the butchers where we brought 3 huge steaks which was going to be tonight suppers and as they where so large breakfast as well. These where barbequed on tricky barbeque/oven thingy that John and Angela have in the garden so an excellent meal catching up with John and Angela and finally we called it quits at about 11pm ish Houston time as for me it was a lot later and I had been going since 5am NL time so I was a tired little bear.

Big steaks lekker!


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