Den Haag Tuesday, 19 September 2012 to Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bit of Culture in Den Haag

So I have been back in the Netherlands for a month. When I arrived back I had a load of good intentions and plans to do loads of stuff and see loads of people. Well we all know about plans and how fickle they can be 🙂 so I spent the first couple of weeks back sleeping I guess I am more tired than I thought I was truth be told I was absolutely cream crackered so those hours I spent catching up with my sleep was an absolutely most. The last couple of weeks I was slightly more active but not by much and a final mad rush during the last week as I had put everything of that needed to do until then and they where turning out to take up more time than I originally intended oh well I can do some of these activities on the road thanks to the wonder that is the internet.

Couple of things that I did during the last month:

  • I closed things out with my old employer Shell I think this is all done and dusted and the redundancy monies is all in my account so let the slagging of Shell commence 🙂 I will no longer be defending there honour.
  • I went to the Koln Motorcycle show 4 hours there and 4 hours back on the train slightly disappointed with the whole thing as I have been wanting to go there for years but either missed it or I was working so no real excuses this time so of I went but what I did not realise was that it was a Trades show where the public where allowed to visit but there was nobody selling anything and on the whole very sterile with loads of Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese factories stands selling widgets and very specific motorcycle components which I did not find in the least bit interesting oh well I can at least cross this one of my bucket list.
  • A day out with the VVE  (The flat where I live home owners association) to the old town hall in The Hague with a nice lunch afterwards
  • Leiden Ontzet (3 October festival in a town near me) lashing of alcohol and catching up with folks I only ever seem to meet up with once a year at this festival as well meeting up with the usual suspects.
  • A couple of good nights round my parents house putting a serious dent in my old mans good wine collection hic!
  • Many a good night out catching up with friends over a beer or two.
  • Sorting out my finances can I really afford Phillys Big Trip part 2 it just dawned on me I have no money coming in any more, which is scary!
  • Loads of work on my computer filing and sorting photos, maps,  a new operating system and creating a completely interactive new blog.
  • A day at the US embassy sorting out visas to get back into the States I now have a 10 year visa! In a passport that only has 2 years left on it.
  • I promised myself that I would seriously work on my condition and fitness levels while I was back as I had let this slide whilst I was on the road. Well I did bugger all so guess I am going to suffer when I hit the road again as it’s a lot easier doing what I am doing when you have a reasonable level of fitness which I did before I left last time so it is going to hurt for the first couple of days.
  • —————-etc.

And loads more that I cannot readily recall all in all glad I went back as I needed the break and opportunity to recharge my batteries and the fact that is was cold and wet for 4 weeks was just an added bonus as I was getting a bit sick and tired of being hot and sweaty all of the time and I do enjoy the cold and wet for a change.


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