Houston, Friday, 14 September 2012 to Monday, 17 September, Day 102 to Day 105

Behind the scene at the Hay market in Houston

As I am playing catch up this entry covers Friday 14th September to Monday 17th September.

So on Friday I slept in and then the idea was to go and check out some local motorcycle dealers and organise some serious TLC for my bike making sure that it would be ready for the rest my journey as I am expecting things to get tougher as I headed further South. I had the addresses of 2 so I headed to the one closest to Johns to check it out. When I got there I could not locate the service department and when I did the guy I spoke to was so laxidasical and not interested that I did feel like doing business with these guys so I headed to the other address I had for Stubbs Motorcycle and the difference between this and the first one was enormous the guy I spoke to Nef could not have been more helpful totally professional so it looks like this where my bike is heading when I get back to Houston. We ordered all the consumables that we thought we would need so that is a set tyres (4th set so far) a chain and sprocket kit not sure if required but after 33,000km I thought it prudent as then in theory will not have worry about this for a while same story on the front brake pads they have still got some life in them but this is probably the best place to get the work done ready for the big push South in October.

So with the above sorted back to Johns and to put the Bike in his garage its a strange feeling as I have been riding it for miles everyday for the last 4 months and it was my companion through rain and sunshine and now it was being mothballed for a month I could get all sentimental here instead me and John went to the pub to drink lashing of beer at the Haymarket the place where Angela was working. The Haymarket is a beer focused bar having a choice of 80 plus different beers on tap and I think we got to sample a fair few that evening so it looks like I am officially off the wagon again and its great. I got the grand tour of the keg and cool rooms which was fascinating there were beer barrels and pipes everywhere organised chaos and it was like being a kid who has been given the keys to a sweetie shop. Later that evening we tried find a suitable location to take some night shots of the Houston skyline by night. Mine all turned out crap could it be because I had too much to drink or the bad light I blame the latter.

Next couple of days was made up of good food, good food supermarkets, good beer and good company. We ate and drank well and visited some supermarkets one was an Asian, which was huge spent hours just wandering around and being amazed at the weird and wonderful collection of different foods on offer. Also did the same in a middle eastern and a world supermarkets on different days.

The Ginger Man

Houston is not the first place one thinks about when visiting the US and I doubt many tourist go there but the restaurants and bar scene and the ethnic mix of the population making that every conceivable food preference was available either at a restaurant and or at the shops making this a foodies heaven. I can see why John has been here so long and still enjoying it as I think from what I saw not a fantastic pretty place but it has some great hidden gems.

So in short an excellent couple of days great finale for the first part of my trip and also will be the opening act for the 2nd part of my trip and I think its is living up to its billing.

1 month R&R in JR Garage


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