New Orleans, Wednesday, 12 September 2012, Day 100

New Orleans

Today is my century so that is 100 days on the road so another milestone achieved. Plan today is to wander around New Orleans so that is what I did. Since the last time I was there, there was now a tram that stopped by the hostel as I think I walked into town last time I was here. To be honest cannot say I was overly impressed with the place pleasant enough but by midday I had seen most of it and it was getting very déjà vu and it was also quite hot. So I needed another plan and that was that I had brought a one day travel card so spent the rest of the day on the trams seeing different parts of the city and then back to the hostel via the supermarket to get some dinner.

I decided that I needed to see the city by night so back on the Tram to Bourbon Street again not to impressed but I kept on wandering and I found a more interesting part of town on Frenchman Street away from the tourist bars on Bourbon street which had a more interesting vibe about It. Back to the Hostel and again late evening chatting to an interesting chap who was a musician and he was doing recordings in 10 cities across the US for a project for a radio program I did not catch his name or maybe I forgot to ask but seemingly he also had had a hit single in the charts a couple of years ago in the UK.


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