Memphis to Tupelo, Sunday, 9 September 2012, Day 97

Elvis and Fan

I have a new morning ritual I plug-in Subway into my GPS and head to the nearest one as they are all over the place here so they is always one or more within a couple of miles away. I then order a 6-inch flatbread black forest ham cheese and egg sandwich to which I add tomatoes, onions, pickle, green peppers, and black olive and topped of with a Honey Mustard sauce. If I am lucky they still have coffee on the go if not I have a chocolate milk. So a fine replacement has been found for my Tim Horton’s breakfast cheddar bagel but I guess not the most slimming! But this normally doubles up for lunch so 2 meals a day in theory (we shall ignore all the little snack in between) I am curious to see if I have lost any weight in the last 4 months probably not as I have done very little in the way of exercise other than walking so I am also interested on how fit I am actually am. I have ridden about 30,000km so I am hoping that this counts for something on the scales and on the fitness front.

Why the sudden interest in breakfast and health well today I am visiting Graceland and Elvis Presley famous for his breakfast of peanut butter and banana-toasted sandwich and for dyeing of unknown causes and allegedly he could also sing a bit as well.

So after my breakfast I rode into Graceland car park where there was sign saying cars USD10.00 big cars and RV USD15.00 so following that logic I start with the patter well a bike must be USD5.00 or even better free. So after a bit of banter with lady at the kiosk trying to blag my way into free parking. When she leans forwards and says “Honey you did not hear this from me but if you go to the lot next door at the Harley Davidson shop you can park there free” I love it when they call me honey love it even more when I hear the words free. So thank you lovely lady at the kiosk parked my bike practically in the Graceland Car Park but it cost me nothing. Must something about this place as I had a great banter with another lady at the tickets office as well they seem to be very happy employees at this place and up for a laugh and a giggle which is nice.

So the next couple of hours was spent wandering around Graceland. To be honest not much to see but they have organised it so that it seem like there is a lot and with what little they have to show it is presented very well so an enjoyable way to spend a good 3 to 4 hours. If I was a hard-core fan I could have spent longer and I most confess that evening I listened to all the Elvis stuff I have on my iPod not much I must think about getting some more downloaded as I quite like the King or maybe it was just the setting.


As I mentioned earlier I was planning on staying 2 nights in Memphis but not liking the place I stayed at last night I was going to head back to the Natchez Trace Parkway and I reckoned Tupelo birthplace of Elvis would be a nice place to hole up for the night but before that I had to at least have a look at downtown Memphis. It actually looked like quite a nice place I wish I had been bothered to take a look last night but when you’re not in the mood you’re are just not in the mood. This time it was the heat that made me not hang around as it was getting hotter by the minute so time to get moving shame as I think Memphis deserved another night but onwards and forwards.

Sun Studio Memphis

That night found a motel in Tupelo on the quality stakes identical to place I stayed in Memphis however I quite liked this place had a totally different vibe so I am still trying to figure out what my aversion to last night place was. Spent the evening trying to get this up to date and like the last couple of weeks and failed miserably as I keep getting distracted 🙂 by what I have no idea.

New Albany


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