Nashville to Memphis, Saturday, 8 September 2012, Day 96

Natchez Trace Parkway

It is time to say goodbye to my wonderful hosts the Patel Family. I have had a great time with you guys and you made me feel most welcome and part of your family while I was here.. Supriya it was great to reconnect after more than 30 years lets see if we can touch base again sometime soon as in 30 years I will be 78 and would be great if we could do something before then.

Back in the saddle and it has been raining and the weather is dull and overcast. Fortunately it stays dry and it is a nice change that it is somewhat cooler as to be honest I am getting tired of the heat I know I should not be complaining about the weather but when you are in full motorcycle clobber it tends to be a bit hot and sweaty and also for me the heat sucks the energy out of me making progress hard work (I will be complaining about being cold and wet in a couple of months time so watch this space so at least I am constant in my whinging and not biased in any shape or form :-))

Natchez Trace Parkway



The plan is to drive the Natchez Trace Parkway a 480-mile road similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway built in the great depression to create work and only reason for it is for the scenery. Unlike the Blue Ridge this is an old trade route so a lot more history. Additionally doing a short ish detour to go and visit Elvis and Graceland.

So 120 miles on the Parkway with very little to none traffic and then back on the normal roads for my quick sortie to Memphis.

I passed a huge house fire today the worrying part was that it was very close to a petrol station but looks like they had it under control but some unfortunate soul has lost there home, as it looked completely destroyed.

Mississippi Burning!

The other disgusting thing that happened to me today was that I was following this truck which was carrying some hay that was loose so I was getting covered with it so I decided to overtake it. As I was passing the truck I noticed a snake crossing the road and it did not look like it was going to make it. This was all in slow motion so I saw the snake being squished under the wheels of the truck just as I was passing and then I felt the splatters all down my leg. Yuk I cannot believe I have just been splattered by snake guts and insides I feel quite queasy 😦

I got into Memphis quite late and then the usual ritual of trying to find somewhere to sleep started, I found a dive of a motel outside by the airport the cost of beds in town and around Graceland are a bit to steep for my budget so this would have to do. I was planning on doing two nights in Memphis but soon changed my mind as for some reason I really did not like the place I was staying at. I have stayed in some holes and this was no worse than some of them but for some reason I did not feel comfortable there so that evening I just holed up in the room no energy to go out and get some dinner I and I was really glad to leave the following morning. The only other time I had planned to stay more than one night in a place and moved on to somewhere else was in a Hostel In Fairbanks I cannot explain what it is about these 2 places only to say I just did not like them or I had a bad feeling about staying there.


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