Atlanta to Nashville, Tuesday, 4 September 2012, Day 92

Lynchburg Jack Daniels Factory

I found out last night that Atlanta was not only the birthplace of coke but also of Martin Luther King and that there was a state park and a memorial in town so I have a feeling that I should have done this yesterday (I should really do more research god knows what other things I may have missed in the last 4 months :-)) so this was my first port of call this morning. I need to add the chap who told me about it was also mugged by a large dark fella and relieved of his camera.

So with some trepidation I made my way to the rough side of town fortunately it was early and not too many folk around but when I got there it did not seem the safest place to leave a fully loaded motorcycle with all my current worldly possession on it so took a photograph from the outside punched in Supriya address into the GPS and started of towards Nashville.

Pretty dull day weather dull and overcast scenery nothing special so I was a bit bored when I saw a sign to the Jack Daniels Distillery so change of plan quick detour there. Just as I started to head for this new destination the heavens opened and it was pissing down I was only a couple of miles away from Jack Daniels so I decided to push on as these rain storms end as quick as they start so when I arrived it had stopped raining but I was sopping wet. There was a tour starting as I walked in so rushed onto that as it was free! Rammed my wet gear in a locker and spent the next hour or so being shown around the distillery. Very interesting strangest fact is that Lynchburg where the distillery is located is in a dry county so they are not allowed to sell their own product there and we could not sample the goods either because of this all they could offer us was a lemonade (Good for me as I am still on the wagon so that is a month since I have had a drink and I promised myself a beer when I get to Houston with John R to celebrate the successful completion of the first part of my trip!)


I pulled my wet gear out of the locker and headed for Nashville drying myself as I went along roads and scenery more pleasant than earlier that day and I finally pulled into Supriya driveway at I am not sure at what time as I had lost or gained an hour between Georgia and Tennessee. I had not seen Supriya since I was about 16 so that more than 30 years ago fortunately she had not changed so I was able to recognise her :-). Met the family so that was Neal, Rajiv, Maja and the 2 dogs Max and Riley. Straight to dinner table so guessing my timing was out as usual and a pleasant evening getting to know the Patel family 🙂


Whizzed through Alabama on my way to Tennessee


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