Atlanta, Monday, 3 September 2012, Day 91


Oops I am nearly a week behind with this naughty boy I must have been a very busy boy. Hot night last night the AC was sort of working however there was a window open that could not be shut! , So in the end the AC is a complete waste of time. Bit of a slow day I cannot say that I was too impressed with Atlanta. The reason why I was here was that I liked the sound of it and I had an image in my head from the Gone with the Wind film that I have seen nearly a million times (not really).

Today was Labour Day and in town was Dragon-con an event similar to Comic-con so the town was full a geeks and nerds all dressed up in silly costumes. Which was entertaining as there where so many of them that they where the norm and I probably looked like the geek and nerd as I did not have a comic figure costume on. (Geeks and nerds in a positive sense not negative I am probably could be classified as a geek or a nerd when it comes to motorcycling I guess these folks feel the same about their comics dragons and wizard so vive le difference is what I say)  Interspersed amongst the geeks and nerds occasionally was a seriously hot babe dressed up in some sexy outfits so from a people watching perspective highly entertaining but the town itself was nothing special. The first thing I did was wander around the lobbies of the Dragon-con trying to see if I could blag my way in as it was the last day I did not manage this till much later in the day when I went back and I walked straight into one of the locations feeling very proud of myself thinking I done something very clever I found out later that they stopped checking tickets at 3pm so could have got in a lot earlier and I was not as cool as I thought I was. They where charging 30 bucks for a ticket today and as I was not that interested only curious I was not going to shell out that kind of money and as you probably have guessed from reading this blog the real reason is I am just a tight arse bastard and I am always looking for freebies!

Atlanta is home of CNN so I had a quick look there but they where also charging for tours so I decided to head to the Coke Cola exhibition as Atlanta is also the home of Coke and I thought I can treat myself to one tour today it would be the Coke Tour. I used to be a Diet Coke addict for years I used to drink about a 1.5 liters a day 7 days a week for about 10 years so thought I would go back to the source of my addiction. I had heard things about the Coke exhibition so I was expecting a lot more so let say it was also a bit of a disappointment nothing spectacular. Maybe I need to adjust my expectations or lower them a bit to avoid this disappointment but that is easier said than done and its these place fault as they are the ones hyping themselves up into something they are not so maybe they should do something about that. So the Coke tour ended up with in a room with loads of drink fountains with about 60 Coke drink products which you can sample so it was like being a kid being let loose in a sweet shop or a scene from Charlie and the chocolate factory I must say this was probably my favourite bit as an ex addict probably not my wisest move but enjoyable none the less burp. My favourite was a vanilla flavour and soda melt tasting one did like one called Beverly bigger Burp.


“Me To”


I wondered around Atlanta a bit more and as mentioned I went back to Dragon-con and then back to the Hostel and I just spent the evening hanging there ended up talking to some of the folks who were there for Dragon-con so trying to get a better understanding what it’s all about as from the bit I saw it was just a place selling load of merchandise so I am still not sure what it all about. One of the folks I was chatting to was worked in a Zoo looking after penguins, which for me was very fascinating and interesting.


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