Asheville to Robbinsville, Saturday, 1 September 2012, Day 89

Old and New at Wheels through Time

Skyline Park was a nice ride

Blue Ridge Parkway first 300 miles a pleasant ride

Blue Ridge Parkway last 150 mile it just got better

(British Understatement)


A bloody good day in the saddle I did not too many miles today but they certainly where good ones. I stopped of at a great little museum called Wheels Through Time I was not sure what to expect but it turned out to be an excellent and a fascinating place. I have a confession to make that to be honest I am not a huge fan of Harley Davidson’s and this museum was all American motorcycles so I was expecting another Harley Davidson shop type experience fortunately it was nothing like this and I am going to revise the above statement as I actually do like Harley Davidson’s but only the old ones and this place certainly had a great collection of these. So I spent an enjoyable hour or so just hanging around this place




I even got an honorable mention on their Facebook Space. The policeman I nearly got nicked by at the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway was certainly right about the last 80 odd miles being the best lovely scenery if I have not already mentioned this.

I made tracks to a place I had seen on the Horizon Hubb website where they was going to be a rally the following week and saw it was a motorcycle only resort with camping, cabins, hotels and what appealed to me was that they had a bunk house so I made tracks to there.

Great Ride and yes they had a place in the bunkhouse so in celebration I sign myself up for a steak dinner as well mmm lekker.

Motorcycles only lodgings

Interesting place on a little stream large area that was a restaurant and all the cliental all bikers. Pleasant evening round a campfire shooting the breeze with some southern folks passing the jam jar with moonshine in (yes I had a little sip as it would be rude not to so that is yet another month without a drink so not only is Philly dry but the county we are in is also dry so no booze for sale at the resort so everything brought in from the county down the road which I found very strange) Also this place had a large porch with loads of rocking chairs so spent some there trying to understand a conversation about fishing in a southern drawl so not much comprehension on what they are taking about I am not sure if was the topic or the accent I did not get so I hit the sack debating on whether or not  should I come back next week for the following rally

But probably not as I am not one for doing U turn or coming back to places straight away I do like to keep rolling forward.


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