Roanoke to Asheville, Friday, 31 August 2012, Day 88

Blue Ridge Parkway

Day 2 on the Parkway well I had to find my way back on to it first. Crap breakfast at the motel first and then to the Parkway. I cross a bridge and see that the view is very pretty so do a U turn pull up and start taking photos. I look in my mirrors and what do I see. Red and blue lights unmarked police car ooops you just been nicked my son. Good morning officer (best English accent) license please sir? it is not looking good. I confused him with me being English and having Dutch license and after admitting that U turn was not such a good idea but I thought I could stop anywhere on the Parkway to take pictures seemingly not on bridges. He seemed to warm to me after a while he got all chatty telling me that 25 people had commited suicide of this bridge this year alone! I assured him I was not suicidal (Just a tad grumpy) and then he started talking about a paranormal show on the television that said that there was an entity wandering around below this bridge. By now I am guessing I am getting of with a warning as he handed the license back to me and is now  giving me the tourist low down on the Parkway. Next problem I had is how do I turn around and go in the direction I want to so he says just go of the bridge and do a U turn there which is also across a solid white line but that’s OK. Say Tata do another illegal U turn in front of him and head of into the distance. Whilst all this had being going on only one other car had passed so it not as if there was a lot of traffic that I was putting at risk but it was a fair cop I was wrong to do the U turn and stopping on bridge a bit naughty as well so I was lucky to get of with a warning so Thank You officer and you have a good day 🙂

Another excellent day in the saddle, which got better as the day went on. Speed limit today 45mph which is much better than yesterday 35mph and after my run in with the copper I stuck to it quite religiously for most of the day meaning I was not covering a lot of distance quickly but pleasant enough at these speeds load of corners and gorgeous vista and very little traffic. Later in the day it tried to rain on me and did very briefly but it stopped as quickly as it had started the roads where wet so it had been raining and this made the ride a bit more challenging as the road was a mixture of wet then dry and then wet again so not sure how hard to push it in the corners but jolly good fun none the less. Yesterday I decided to have a break in the afternoon high up it the hills, as it was cooler and just enjoy the scenery with a drink and a chocolate bar but problem with pretty places there is always something that spoils them and this time it was mosquitoes and black flies so that break was vey short lived. Tried again today and this was more successful and while enjoying the silence in the middle of nowhere (I jumped every time I heard a twig snap) I put the word hostel into my GPS which was now working again and it threw out a hostel 160 miles away but on the Parkway so I decided that was going to be my new destination further than I was planning to go today but doable it I got a move on however difficult when there is a 45mph speed limited and the scenery just keeps getting better and better with rain and rainbows thrown in for good measure. I reached the hostel at about 7.30pm ish and I was on the road pretty early this morning so long ride today yes they had a bunk for me so I was glad I pushed on through before it started to rain I was falling asleep at the wheel so I should have stopped much earlier but I am here now a short walk to the supermarket to get some tea and then back to the hostel and working on this again. Its is now 11.30pm and I am cross eyed so beddy byes methinks.



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